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    'str' === Ext.String.trim('str ')
    This should return true isn't?
  2. Thanks, workspace is what I needed. Still the theming is application specific. May be I can use workspace for it too. But I am stuck at the build which seems to be a bug seen somewhere in forum....
  3. Is any newer builds available with this fix?
  4. I see, the sencha command generate each and every apps independently with all required ext framework files and even more with only one theme resources. May be I am not more familiar with sencha...
  5. Are you guys looking for more information??
    please look at the pictures above. The Y-axis is not grew and the chart series is also not grew as I hid the other series.
  6. How did you make the y-axis grow? I am using v4.0.7. Is there any upgrade made for this?
    Here is my screenshot


  7. I modified the Area.js in examples/charts directory


    This file is part of Ext JS 4
  8. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox (firebug 1.8.4)

    When the column/bar charts legend items clicked to hide/unhide...
  9. Tried with possible solutions.. nothing worked.. I think all the drags and drops in Ext is bounded to visible area by default.. I have implemented other drag and drops between panels but those drag...
  10. I have draggable panels within tab panel. The tab panel is ultimately bounded in center region of viewport. Now I want to drag the panels in tab panel so that the panel can move vertically down with...
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    With reference to some element, TextMetrics is able to calculate the width of some text. Is it possible to do the reverse? ie. with width provided, how many characters on a text can accomodate on...
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    How to make it possible to select the text in grid? isn't there some config to enable it??
  13. sorry,
    I was using older release of Ext 4, which has not included the viewready event
  14. I wanted to select some nodes in data view when the view is rendered.
    but the viewready event is not fired.

    viewready: function(view){
  15. var store = Ext.create('',{
  16. Guys I had a workaround,


    constructor: function(config){
    var cfg = {
  17. Is there any checkbox check event in tree panel?? I need to select all the child items on parent check, and if any child is checked, check the parent too. but could not find any check change event.....
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    did this work for you guys??
    I am too having this issue
  19. Try

    grid.getEl().mask("Saving data");

    Note: you need to unmask the grid after data saved.
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    chk.checked instead of chk.selected

    var chk = Ext.get('activeInd');
    chk.on('click', function() {
  21. I would use handler instead

    html: 'Any Other',
    handler: function(){
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    The numeric type of filters accepts the value in object format
    may be


    Similar is the case for date type.
    Try setting value like [for numeric type]
  23. You are using the ArrayStore so I assume you are trying to filter the grid data locally. May be the default GridFilters filter mode is

    local: false

    The local:false mode try to reload the...
  24. The name 'oficina' will send the display value. To get value field, you should retrieve it in backend by it's hidden name
    name: 'oficina',
    hiddenName: 'myHiddenName'
    This can be retrieved as
  25. The html code will not be evaluated, only the JS code will. Simply you need to find the <head> tag if not create one and append to body. You can use DomQuery for this. And append the script tag to...
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