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  1. Here it is. Sorry about it.

    The code shows how the PropertyGrid is populated. When the values are updated, is there an easy way to tell?

  2. Sorry, I really mean PropertyGrid, not PropertyPanel. Newbie here.

    Here is a simple code I have here.
  3. How can I tell the values in PropertyGrid have been updated?

    My propertyGrid is loaded in my code like this:

    var rec = new Grid.PropertyRecord({
    name: 'abc',
    value: '123'
  4. Thanks for the tip! It works!
  5. I tried to add grid in tab by adding TabPanel in array-grid example. I modified array-grid.js.

    // grid.render('grid-example');


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    Thanks! Let me check JSON store in your example
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    I'm new to EXT. I Need to display the progress of some tasks. I use Grid with SimpleStore. The data is pulled from server regularly (every 1 second).

    After I receive the data, I do a...
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