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    same problem here. Actually, I get the problem just calling sync after updating an exiting record, not even trying to add a new one. Any update on this? Was originally raised nearly 6 months ago.
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    I think you have the same problem I ran into at the change over from beta to RC. At that point my grids became unable to locate their stores. It was b/c I was defining them as you are , via a create...
  3. fyi. I found out the hard way , if the store that is passed into the chart config is not a valid reference, then you may encounter an infinite loop in the Ext.chart.axis.Category deduceLabels...
  4. fwiw, I am attempting to add charts to my app as well.

    1) its not quite clear how much of the contents of the resources folder in touch-charts-2.0.0-beta need to be included in a new app .. These...
  5. Ok, this is not a bug. It is answered here:
  6. sure, if I ever get it to release state (its a weekend project), you will be the first to be notified. I can't show it prematurely for competitive reasons.
  7. ahhhhhh . Thank you so much. I had used that incorrect style from the beginning, when I was very unsure of the entire framework, and it was working, working, working thru , and then suddenly stopped...
  8. Fellow Ext.ux.touch.grid users, I know there are some of you out there.

    Are any of you using it with the MVC pattern? If so, please tell me if it has continued to work or whether you have...
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    Anybody else having problem with the DataGrid not being able to find the store?
  10. Are store declarations supposed to work in BOTH the application and the controller in RC2?
  11. i checked last night and did not see any updates for that component , last update was a month ago. The owner is Mitchell.

    I was not sure if it was a grid specific issue or a data view, a lot of...
  12. seems to me it is an RC2 bug.

    After seeing the problem had gone away when I rolled back to RC1. I then, upgraded again to RC2 and the problem re-appeared.

    And then i rolled back to RC1 AGAIN,...
  13. i cast my vote with the popular opinion. thnx
  14. I had an MVC app that was functioning fine for weeks.
    I upgraded to RC2. It appeared to work fine for an entire day. But then again, with IOS Simulator, one is not always sure one is running the...
  15. I have a date driven list in container.

    It has these simple configurations:

    xtype: 'list',
    disableSelection: true,
  16. yes, the selectfield is only in one screen, but my point is that the need to add an explicit "requires" statement to include standard ST 2.0 classes appears to be very random.

    I had a container...
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    Does your component have the ability to specify a selectfield for the filter ui on a particular column?
  18. Ok, I figured it out how to work around this but I still don't understand WHY i have to work around it.
    I found from debugging that this is triggered when I press on the selectfield in IOS...
  19. I have this simple code in a top toolbar:

    xtype: 'selectfield',
    name: 'foo',
    label: 'Sector',
  20. I am in exactly the same situation as the OP.

    I have several dataview itemtap handlers that were doing something (like disclosure behavior), or , for example launching childBrowser with some...
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    Tino, is there a screenshot of what your grid looks like, with some filters?
  22. so i experimented and put JUST the store declarations in BOTH the application AND the controller.

    Now the'name') works again. But I am not exactly sure if i did the...
  23. Everything was working in beta3 with the models , views and stores declared in the application.
    Then with RC everything broke.
    I look in release notes and I see this:
    "Moved models, views and...
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    question for Mitchell, is there a properties way to add styling (cls) to a column header?
    Or that will have to be done thru css selectors? I am asking b/c I am thinking of one case where i might...
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    Maybe I am missing your point. I am not sure what you mean by "before rendering". I am using the render method to test the value, and conditionally determine a display value, and a css class , and...
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