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  1. thank you very much for the reply
  2. Hello, I have tried to create a widget to embed the Wimpy media player. It works fine in IE but with FireFox does not work.

    After inspecting the element using the web developer plugin with...
  3. Thank you very much sven. I don't exactly understand what you mean by that. Would you, by any chance, have time to provide a simple example? Thank you.

  4. Thank you for the reply.

    I understand how to call javascript from a hyperlink but what I don't understand is how to call a GXT method from a hyperlink. For example (I'm just writing pseudocode...
  5. Thank you for the reply. I would have expected that to work as well it doesn't seem to make any difference...

  6. Hello,

    I am using the templating feature of GXT to put some HTML content inside an HTML panel.

    I would like to have a hyperlink which links to another page which works if I use href="#foo" but...
  7. This is really stupid and I'm sure it is right in front of my face but I can't figure out how to have an animation when collapsing/expanding a panel in the border layout.

    Basically, I want to...
  8. Thank you very much for the help. I appreciate your response.

  9. Hello,

    with the M2 release (and I think M1 as well) the placement of the column header dividing line is out of place according to the row data when a grid vertical scrollbar exists. It looks like...
  10. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. Can you explain how I could use layout managers to do this?

    If I have a grid and I don't necessarily know the width, how could I, with layout...
  11. I'm sorry, right before evaluating GXT I was evaluating EXT-GWT. I must be remembering the functionality of that project. So, there are no plans to support that? Thanks.

  12. It seems that in the M2 release autoWidth is not being supported.

    Can I ask why this is happening? I personally feel that this is a huge feature of...
  13. Thank you for your response. I'm a little confused though. Setting auto-width worked with M1 (unless I'm just completely remembering incorrectly). So, are you saying that for M2 autoWidth isn't...
  14. Hi,

    I am using 2.0-M2 and, now, when I use setAutoWidth(true), the table shows blank background where the field data should be and blank header bar where the column headers should be. Thanks.
  15. Hello,

    I have tried adding a listener to the RadioGroup for Events.CHANGE and Events.ONCHANGE
    I have also tried adding a listener to every Radio in the RadioGroup for Events.CHANGE and...
  16. Hello,

    I think that maybe this is problem with the parent layout but I have a FormPanel inside a LayoutContainer with the FlowLayout

    I have tried setting the scroll to Scroll.AUTOY but the...
  17. So, I'm really just trying to understand if this is something that I can expect with the 2.0 release. Can I assume this? Thank you.

    Joe Hudson
  18. Hi, I'm trying to hack my way through creating a widget that allows a user to enter labels (like they do on Google Code). I really think I'm going down the wrong track and was just wondering if I...
  19. Sure, I have other examples as well but I'll post 1 just to make sure I'm not doing something wrong and if this is really an issue I can post more...

    Here is the form code below:

  20. Hi,

    I am assuming this to be the case but have started working on a test project for GXT and I am definitely seeing some big differences between firefox and IE. Basically I am just wondering if I...
  21. I figured it out...

    In case anyone else is wondering how to do this, you can add items to the header (getHeader()) of a ContentPanel.

  22. Hi,

    I have a LayoutContainer with an AccordianLayout. Could someone please help me understand how to add tools icons to the panels I add to the LayoutContainer? (I'm talking about icons that...
  23. I would like to add a few image icons just to the left of the expand/collapse icon (on the far right) of a content panel inside a panel with an accordian layout. Is this possible? If so, could...
  24. Replies
    Yes, that would be great. I'm sorry - I mean to post in that forum originally but I guess I got mixed up. Thank you very much.

  25. sorry... I meant to post this in that forum... I didn't realize that I didn't to that. Sorry for the bad post.
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