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  1. How do I set the scope to the view controller in my example?

    None of the links work and the button with scope: 'controller' doesn't work.
  3. Execute this in firebug...

    Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {title:'AutoShow', hidden: false, modal: true, html:'This is an autoshowing window.'});

    I would expect the window to show. It does...
  4. That is what I was missing. Thanks!
  5. Seems to me that the development "area" should use the original css sources, not the sources that are built for production or testing. Is there a way to change this and if not can you consider it...
  6. I am trying to deploy both the production build and the development environment to target machines. Under normal circumstances production will be used. When a developer wishes to debug on the...
  7. 49030
    This css file needs to be local to the app when running from the raw app src file.

    Can we get the latest nightly build pushed out for premium users?
  8. The collapse and expand icons are both incorrect in this theme.
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    My code contributions in this thread are public domain.
  10. +1
  11. I just noticed that the generated files are dual licensed.
    GPL and/or commercial. This is starting to get sticky.
    Anyway, I am contacting Sergie regarding a commercial license.
  12. Isn't everything rendered serverside? What difference does it make what client I use?
  13. I built the project in netbeans and I still generate the pink boarders for windows...

    Instructions for replication.
    1) Choose Gray Theme
    2) Click Reset
    3) Click Apply
  14. Well I built the project with netbeans and I am still getting the pink frame on windows only.

    I guess I'll start learning about the application now. And yes, when I downloaded the theme it did...
  15. iv_ekker: Great project. It has come a long way since I last looked at it in September. Is this going to be turned into a community project and hosted somewhere like google?

    I too am seeing the...
  16. In the function toggleSourceEdit:
    "ls" has been change from a global to a var.
    this changes the previous functionality...maybe ls should be a property "" assuming "this.setSize(ls)" is...
  17. sorters looks fine to me on the svn branch but maybe they fixed it.
  18. If the tab key is pressed in IE 4 spaces are inserted.
    In firefox 3.6 the tab changes to the next element.
  19. Here is some more information...I tried it with your version before I upgraded and still had the same results.

    I wonder how we are different. My coworkers pointed it out. It has been revealed on...
  20. This is strange and I am only seeing it in firefox. Some characters are getting chopped when a field is disabled (or extremely faded). Disabling the opacity: 0.6 brings it back.

    Try the example...
  21. view.layout is assigned to the event "bodyresize" in function "afterrender"


    it is called in function "onResize"

    afterRender : function(){
  22. Were you able to replicate it based on my example?
  23. Simply creating the treenode before inserting it reproduces the insert problem. See the modified example below.

    var tp = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
  24. I haven't tested this for moving existing nodes.
    But for new nodes inserting ends up appending the way it is.
    I think if it already exists it would have a parentNode.
    If it were new it wouldn't.
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    Maybe we should start complaining about the release of the next bug fix in anticipation 3.1.1 when will we get it!? haha. Don't be too hasty 3.1 means new features and new bugs...I would rather get...
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