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    Hi Colin, Is there any update on this? are there plans to do this? We have users that are asking for this behaviour and it's a big shame GXT doesnt offer it from the grid, even if only for modern...
  2. Could it be that the tooltip is now working correctly (as the value makes sense), however, the category axis label is shown at the wrong place?


  3. Hey Colin,

    Glad you can see the issue now.

    I wasn't able to override the shrink method as it's private, so instead i overloaded the calculateBounds method, but commented out where shrink() was...
  4. Hey Colin,

    Ok let me try again with a bit more detail to best illustrate the issue we are facing. FYI it's only doing daysToAdd++ so it's adding one point for every day over 10Y but although chart...
  5. Hey Colin,Your screenshot actually shows the issue, the start of the time series if you hover over starts feb 04, but you can only see to 30Jul04 and if you look at the code where we initialise the...
  6. Hi Colin, when i look at it i see the issue where that although there is 10 years of data, when you hover over the line it shows the wrong x date/y value and seems to be limited to a certain number...
  7. Ok thanks for your help Colin. Appreciate when you get a few minutes to look into it.
  8. Sorry to chase, any ideas on this Colin?

    I'm completely stuck on this so need to think about switching to another charting library if this can't be fixed/worked around somehow.

    Thanks again for...
  9. import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.Collection;
    import java.util.Date;
    import java.util.List;

  10. Hi Colin,Thanks for your reply, i have created a sample below which shows the issue. The getTestData() method creates a 10Y time series which is quite typical, which is plotted correctly. However,...
  11. Hi,

    We have noticed when we have a line series with a large number of points, the tooltip on the right hand side of the chart shows the wrong date.

    It appears there is a cut off with the chart...
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    Hey Colin

    Thanks for your reply

    The issue I have is that the contents of what neess fo be formtted needs to be dynamic.

    There no way to display a frame with some html produced by gwr/xt...
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    Hey Colin

    Thanks for your replythat makes sense.

    U have a gxt/xt example of how u create the iframe with some custom html ie below?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Is there any nice Rich Text Editors in GXT available?

    The source code view in is quite close to what i'm after. Is the source code...
  15. hi Colin/GXT Community,

    I've got further and it renders the horizontal date series but the value series is not populated.

    Am i doing something stupid? any ideas would be much appreciated!
  16. hi,

    If i have a DTO such as the below. I need to render a grid to display the data grid with the column headers being the resultHeaders field.

    Is this possible with GXT 3? i.e. i dont have...
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