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    After some searching, I found a workaround.

    Still the button would be happy to have a hasCls function as well if it has addCls and removeCls.

    var clsList = button.getCls().slice(),
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    I want to use hasCls but I get an error. Please help me why?

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'button.hasCls("isFavorite")')

    onFavoritesButtonTap: function(button,...
  3. 1) Do you get any errors on console or warnings?

    Try to debug it and watch what happens with css classes etc. as soon as you scroll.

    (Safari right click on your back button, select "element...
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    Like this (notice the infoWindowContent.clearListeners(); that is necessary otherwise it will give an error because the infoWindowContent event will be fired several times (if the map view that...
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    You started a littlebit wrong I guess.

    Your app.js shouldn't contain your code where you code your views.

    Rather code it inside your views.

    Take a look at this example:
  6. Sure it is possible without html.

    Use a hbox container for each item (list item).

    Something like that:
  7. I would start by using a store. On app start make the server request and use a store to hold the data from your request. Thats very easy to implement, so you have a prototype very fast (probably in a...
  8. Maybe simulate it. I mean with a timer or defer, and after 2 seconds you simulate the tap by either changing the css-class to it

    or by loading another view (normally a tap means to load the...
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    could be a permission issue (ACCESS),

    try in terminal:

    chmod 777 "/pathtomyapp/phonegap/platforms/ios/cordova/build"


    777 – Everyone can read write and execute. In a web...
  10. not sure, but try with setDisabled(true) and enable it with setDisabled(false).


    var firstPage = Ext.getCmp('firstPageView');
    var secondTabbarButton=1; // index
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    I have a question when I destroy a View (Container, navigation view, or any other view) with


    The listeners that are added to elements of that view (like...
  12. Thank you very much! That's a good solution :-)
  13. Hello,

    I had a bug today, that a certain view was shown twice (rendered twice). The bug only occured, when I tried to load the same view over and over again very fast (like smashing the button...
  14. Hello,

    I would like to programmatically trigger the click event on my input field, so that the user automatically sees the "choose file" dialogue.

    Any help please how to do this? I tried out...
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    when I'm building with sencha app build production do I also have to change the index.html to production? Especially this line:

    <script id="microloader" type="text/javascript"...
  16. How can I use the system font from iOS 7 in my stylesheet or in sencha touch? I tried a couple of things but never got the "Helvetica Neue" font (I think that is the new iOS 7 font?).

    Thanks for...
  17. I just moved the username and password from the url-string to the header. See code:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    xtype: 'rafflestore',
  18. My solution was, I had to set the header to Base64 encoded (encoding user:pass), adding this:

    headers: {
    'Authorization': 'Basic blablabla2239blabla21bl3'
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    Thank you very much. I will try your suggestions/solution.
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    Hello, please help with theming. I wanted to try out the Apple and Android themes but they won't work and always show the default theme with blue bars and stuff.

    I tried starting the index.html in...
  21. Maybe set the width to 100%

    var image = Ext.create('Ext.Img', {
    id: 'selectedImage',
    src: imgSrc,
    cls: 'myCenteredImage'
    mode: 'image',
  22. This should work:

    var img_Items ='div.pop img'); // get Array of images

    // iterate through array:
    Ext.Array.each(img_Items, function(image) {
  23. maybe the show and hide is for the navigationview, so I had the same problem recently and I think I solved it via the push and pop listeners and then when a pop gets fired, you might be able to ask...
  24. The tutorial you are referencing is from 2011 and for Sencha Touch 1.x

    Better use Sencha Touch 2 and start here:!/guide/getting_started
  25. Maybe this

    var img_Items ='div.pop img');
    img_Items.setStyle('max-height', '50%');
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