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  1. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
    Note you should not use Cmd 5 with Sencha Touch.
    Use Cmd instead.

    After reinstalling Sencha Cmd Running the...
  2. How are you checking the orientation? Web app with Ext.Viewport.getOrientation(). Or packaged application with Ext.device.Orientation?
  3. I noticed you are trying to set the store to that.getAudioStore(). Was that a typpo? Have you verified that that.getAudioStore() is what you expect.
  4. What version of Sencha Cmd are you using? Have you configured your packager.json file? Can you post it in your response? Try doing some remote debugging to see why it is failing.
  5. Hard to say. What debugging have you done? Have you tried running in Safari? Check the console for errors or warnings? Try running the example from your local web server.
  6. I'm not following you. Can you clarify.
  7. I apologize for the delay. I lost track of this thread. I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    Thanks for sharing your solution.
  9. Can you post your packager.json.
  10. Are you returning the total # of records with your data? You have to ensure that your API which is returning the data to your application return the records *and* the total count of the dataset

  11. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  12. Could be a bug. Though not sure the navigation bar was intended to use a nested toolbar. Such over nesting is usually discouraged given the toll it can take on performance. I was able to come up...
  13. I cannot reproduce on Google Chrome 36.0.1985.125 on desktop or Galaxy S4.
  14. You will have to use cordova CLI to build for a single platform. Sencha Cmd will rebuild for all platforms configured in your
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    There are known issue with Sencha Cmd 5 and Sencha Touch applications. Try downgrading to Cmd and see if these issues still exist.
    Given the large number of Android devices it is...
  16. Honestly you won't know until you try. You could always assign your div to a variable and use that variable on the html config.
  17. What are you using to update your apps? Only Sencha web apps auto update and you mentioned phonegap so that leads me to believe you are developing a native packaged app.
  18. See the Corodova and PhoneGap Apps guide for info on using Phonegap with Sencha Touch.
    Here is the phonegap documentation as well.
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    Does the image load if you enter the url in the browser?
  20. You can try setting the zindex on the panel to 0.
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    Thanks for the update. You could always change the styling on the button and add functionality of the minus button.
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    Sencha Touch 1 did not have a grid. But to use hard coded data you can use the store data config.
  23. Why don't you just port it to Touch code?
  24. I believe for this to work the image component should be set to mode: 'image'. See the following fiddle.
  25. No not with Sencha Touch at this time.
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