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  1. If anybody is interested, I've posted a short article on how to use Gradle with ExtJS 5, as a way of augmenting the generated build.xml (in this case, by adding up-to-date checks so you don't need to...
  2. Thanks. That did work - for me. Is there a file I can add that to in the workspace, which I can then commit into source control, so that it gets picked up by the other devs on my team?
  3. The documentation for Ext.grid.feature.Feature suggests invoking Ext.view.Table.addTpl, or Ext.view.Table.addRowTpl or Ext.view.Table.addCellTpl, depending on what you want the feature to do.

  4. Is there a way to set the default environment ('production', 'testing', 'development', etc) for Sencha Cmd?

    In particular, I want the default environment to be 'development'.

    I can change the...
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    Well, the charts aren't in the ext-all.js file. But you can include them manually if you need to - simply load the files. But I really wouldn't recommend trying to do it by hand.
  6. Ah - missed that. I'm still not used to trawling through the sencha-core package in addition to the main source code.

    Which actually tells me how to best document it - create an override to...
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    Oh, you definitely can. Make your own index.html page, and put in a section like this:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="ext/ext-all.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"...
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    Glad I could help.
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    In both Ext4 and Ext5, the index.html file gets hacked up by the build process. This is slightly different between the two.

    Case in point, in Ext4 there was this:

    <!-- REPLACE WITH CSS...
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    I can confirm that the method I described works for me. But compression & packaging settings are tweakable - possibly you've turned them off without realising it?

    All I can suggest is that you try...
  11. Perhaps. I'll probably end up asking there as well.

    But I thought that Sencha would know here, as presumably global events are documented in the ExtJS code.

    Then I thought "hey, it's probably...
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    Because there are multiple store implementations - and only one of them has a configurable data parameter.

    There probably should be a placeholder implementation of getData in the AbstractStore,...
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    The 'production' environment build already does this.

    Following a call to sencha app build, there will be a folder called 'build/production/<appname>'. This is the ready-to-deploy version of your...
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    It builds the app. This includes bootstrapping (creating a file that will link in all of your other files), processing your SASS to produce a style sheet, and packaging your application. It's really...
  15. It's apparently fixed in 5.0.1
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    Warning: if you use remote filters, it's still broken.
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    You can do it - but only after Ext.onReady(). That's what it's for.
  18. As per the title - what's the best way to document, using JSDuck, global events?

    In ExtJS4, we used application-level events, and documented them in the Application class. But there's no good...
  19. I'm yet to experiment with Session, but... my understanding of it is that it won't save the object as a single nested tree, but will instead send up several distinct objects.

    Here's what I want to...
  20. Okay - when I tried that, it didn't work for me. Obviously I did it wrong.

    And... a few minutes experimenting with your fiddle told me what I did wrong. Apparently it works if you pass in a model...
  21. Yeah, but part of what I want is not to have to specify that association in the child, or in the child's JSON data.

    When reading in the sub items, it is possible for the reader to know the parent...
  22. If you were paying attention to the console reports, you'll have seen a line saying:

    [Error] Cannot load phantom model

    That's one changed behaviour since 4.2 - you...
  23. It would be "hardcore awesome" if ExtJS supported models with nested fields. It doesn't.
  24. In ExtJS 4.2, it was possible to assign a reader to associations. (We had used this feature to provide support for reading in nested JSON data where the nested objects were represented as fields,...
  25. Probably the ideal situation would be:

    * normal use (no info, no debug) - Compass messages are shown if there are errors in Compass only.
    * info mode - Compass messages are always shown.
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