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  1. You're right, it's duplicate to EXTJSIV-10029. Maybe the mentioned code above will fix this problem.
  2. A store is loaded twice during object construction if autoLoad and remoteSort is set to TRUE.


    Ext.define('', {
    applyState: function(state) {
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    @richardvd You're right, it's all ok now. Did not know how this could happen because i always clean the cache while reloading during development, had too much trouble without this.
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    Bug still exists in (GPL) and Chrome 27.0.1453.9. In Firefox 21.0 it works.

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    Bug still exists in ExtJS

    The function should look like this to do not fail for objects containing a key called 'length'.

    iterate: function(object, fn, scope) {
  6. I can confirm the issue still exists in ExtJS 4.2.0 (GPL). As soon as a white-space:normal (in my case) is used within a column the height calculation seems to freak out.

    columns: [{
  7. If the field label is displayed across 2 lines a gap is displayed between the combobox input field and dropdown list after the trigger has been clicked. See attached image.


  8. The stores sorters are added to the operation in even if remoteSort = false, thus they are always submitted with a proxy request.

    fields ...
  9. It is a shame that there is no official update or patch (nor any comment except 'We are working on it') to fix this issue after that long time. There are products, commercial or OSS, out there that...
  10. Hello,

    i think i've found a bug in the swfobject::addLoadEvent function.

    function addLoadEvent(fn) {
    if (typeof win.addEventListener != UNDEF) {
  11. Hello,

    while working with the property grid (ExtJS 3.2.0) i realized that the destroy function of my custom editor is not called when the grid is destroyed. I am wondering why the objects in...
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    Problem still exists in 3.2.1. The first patch from bradyisom seems to be the correct one:

    Ext.override(Ext.form.Radio, {
    setValue : function(v) {
    if (typeof v == 'boolean') {
  13. Use the search button and you'll find such feature implemented as plugin. Nevertheless, why not sit down and try to implement it yourself, this will be a nice learning session in ExtJS.
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    Thanks for your help

    Here a fix for all that people that do not want to wait till the fix is released

    Ext.sequence(Ext.form.ComboBox.prototype, "restrictHeight", function() {
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    > You got the latest code which aligns the list with the input el rather than the wrap el?
    I use the code from your first post.
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    Hello Animal,

    thanks for the great plugin. Anyway, i still have a display problem with comboboxes in ExtJS 3.0.3. The dropdown list is rendered below the help text (see attached image).

    I fixed...
  17. Hello all,

    i realized a extremely slow render performance for FormPanels in ExtJS 3.0 compared to 2.x. I simply have a window with a embedded FormPanel which contains several (about 10) controls...
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