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  1. First of all it's just an experiment, which is succeeds from my point of view. Now I have much more experience with graphviz and esprima than before.
    Yes, I also have plans to generate high-level...
  2. Yes, of course, sometimes graphviz fails in image rendering due large size. Or renders spaghetti graphs (if it's spaghetti code). It's visually show that code is too much heavy and needs in refactor...
  3. Hi Nene!

    I'm working on plugin for jsduck which generates flow charts from code. It uses the esprima parser to get AST of analyzing function and graphviz syntax to create chart.

    I've attached...
  4. Ext.define('MyApp.model.Container', {
    extend: '',
    validIdRegex: /^([\w\.\-]+)$/, //<------------- HERE
    fields: [
    { name: 'id', type: 'int' },
    { name: 'name',...
  5. Replies

    I've found bug which happens when I have multiple listeners for the same event. There are reproduce steps to simulate it.

    // Initializing our test callbacks
    var test = { fn:...
  6. Good,

    temporary solution is to put validIdRegex: /^([\w\.\-]+)$/ on MyApp.model.Container
  7. Hello Sencha

    I've found bug inside Observable.js, getObservableId function. This function checks for the observableId and if not exists, then id beign generated using getUniqueId function. After...
  8. Itay, look on my modified treegrid.
    Main feature of these modifications is rendering child nodes on demand.
    It makes possible to load unlimited number of data into datastore, but will be rendered...
  9. Josh, try to find answers in my changeset for tree grid.

    It is modifications for 2.0 version, but I hope is possible to port them...
  10. Hi Maxim,

    Your plugin is very useful for me and mine cms. But sometimes I have a performance issues. I did a few important updates for treestore and treeview to improve this situation. In the most...
  11. /**
    * Fix of possible incorrect cell find
    * @param {Object} row
    * @param {Object} col
    Ext.override(Ext.grid.GridView, {

    getCell :...
  12. getCell function of GridView can return incorrect cell in case then column have custom renderer function and result of renderer is a table with td.

    Code in function...
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    Nice thing!
    Can it been backported to 2.x version?
  14. Using guidelines I'm getting 92-94 grade on yslow.

    About unused js code and css rules I think it is an mindless problem. This test more related for...
  15. May be will more easily to solve privileges problem by using another way of page rendering instead of ajax requests? I use in my control panel smarty as template system. I pass into smarty object of...
  16. Thanks to all, it's very nice plugin code. I've integrated it with tree filter - looks very cool.
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    Hi Sph,
    you can look on here about compression for deployment.
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    I've modified original theme in toolbar.css

    .x-toolbar .x-btn-left{
    background: url(../images/default/toolbar/tb-btn-normal.png) no-repeat 0 0px;
    .x-toolbar .x-btn-right{
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    My toolbar buttons style. I slightly modified original background to make regular button be more visible as button. Before (without light...
  20. It would be interesting plugin about integrating toolbar inline into panel header.
  21. Small extension for field class, which add ability to get last validation error message.
    Sometimes it's required for deferred validation, when known thats field is invalid, but is not possible to...
  22. I want to share my solution how-to improve speed of extjs library download. I use it only for production deployment, leaving uncompressed multiple js/css just for development state.

    Instead use...
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    I added query filtering params to combo box, to make search more flexible and useable.
    This params applied only on local search.
    1. queryField param. Allow to override query filtering field. If not...
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    Try to replace
    '<div class="x-tree-col-text" unselectable="on">', text, "</div>"

    '<div class="x-tree-col-text" unselectable="on" id="', ,'">', text, "</div>"

  25. This fix is not so good. When I commented it, my selection returns to correct state, but in visual I getting mess, because div is missing.

    I tried to understand this bug. If exists <div...
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