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  1. Right. Using setCell() is probably the right way. I couldn't cause I wanted to alter the icon, too.

    But be careful! Depending on the source of valueString the use of...
  2. I didn't bold any items, but greyed them out. I guess you might be able to alter following code for bolding.

    // Extension of Tree
    protected void update() {
  3. To verify this bug it is much easier to use
    Try to select multiple itmes on the left with and without scrolling.
  4. But it's got to be a menubar? What about toolbar?
  5. Please move this thread to GXT Bugs!

    Quick testcase:
    go to
    open Filemanager
    add some items
    narrow file manager to get a vertical scroll bar
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    And again. has been down for several minutes. Very annoying if you right a long post in the forum and get that blank page on submit. :s
  7. I guess
    public String getPath() { return null; }
    is to blame. Each ValueProvider has to have a unique path. Otherwise Store (not just TreeStore) gets confused.
  8. I suggest RegExValidator.
  9. Yes, I was wrong! FieldLabel.setLabelWidth(int) only gets called from FormPanel.setLabelWidth(int).

    Seems like javadoc is totally misleading here. :s
  10. In GXT3 FormPanel is only needed for the actual submit (if u planning on doing one). It has no longer anything to do with layout of fields.

    Take a look at the examples....
  11. Sorry, you are totally right. I wasn't looking hard enough.

    This is clearly a bug. @Sencha: Please move this thread to Bug section.

    Sidenote: In step 4) getSelectionModel().getSelectedItems()...
  12. I am using GXT3.1.0, too. Having several grids with lots of data and SelectionModel in different SelectionModes, I never discovered the described problem.

    More context, please. Which...
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    For several weeks I get HTTP503 again from time to time. Sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours. Latest outage just minutes ago.
    Examples and docs are not effected, but the rest of is!
  14. First of all, which version of GXT are you using?

    You got to alter hidemode of the container, on which hide() is called, i.e. the children of TabPanel. Depending on your setup that might be...
  15. Well, there is a TreeGrid at examples:
    Warning! It is not a very good example. These prefixing of keys with "f-" (Folder) and...
  16. - Goto
    - collapse west
    - click on the vertical blue bar (which is now there in place of west)

    Result: Content of west gets...
  17. Version(s) of Ext GWT
    3.1.0 and 3.1.2 (demo examples)

    Browser versions and OS

    FireFox 24.7, Windows 7, DevMode
    Chrome, Win7 for demo examples

    Virtual Machine
  18. Seems like reset.css is not accessable or not configured.
  19. Shall every cell of a given column have the same color(s) or shall color(s) depend on data value of cells?
    Try this for a column of type Integer:

    AbstractCell<Integer> cell = new...
  20. Are you talking to me? mrtux described a pretty easy way to reproduce the problem, I guess, though I didn't try myself. From above:
  21. Again, it is supposed to be this way. Setting path to file FileUpload field doesn't allow JS to access the file. You have to select through file chooser by clicking. Thats the only way browsers allow...
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    I started a similar thread hours ago, but it is stucked in review process I guess. I would have posted in this one, but was unable to find it. Guess why... ;)
  23. Thats a known bug. But sencha doesn't consider it as such. Hope this changes with this thread.

    I would like to link the old thread, but the search function of this forum seems to be broken. Even...
  24. I doubt it is possible, because of browser sandboxing:
    Files on your system must not be accessable via JS (security reasons). So, <input type="file"> is a problem. Browers solve this issue by...
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    I switched from classic Dev Mode to Super Dev Mode. Suddenly there are some files missing:


    GWT 2.6.1
    GXT 3.1.0
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