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    I was also having this same trouble, so I did the same fix. However I don't see the point of all that since I have to initialize the application inside a Ext.onReady anyway, so just put the...
  2. So you have to modify the file anyway...

    Well, my current "job" is to make the program work, since that's what my boss is asking. :D

    However, since extjs4 is lacking this dynamic locale...
  3. I have the same problem. Trying to find a solution now... If you find a solution for ext4, please update this thread. Thanks!
  4. Well, current ExtJS locale file doesn't work... It fails! Even when I use sencha tools to build my application, execution of code stops on the first unused/undefined class in the current locale file...
  5. Thing is, existing ExtJS locale files are not working currently, for dynamic MVC loading. I can't just include it, because when it runs, Ext still didn't load the required classes yet, so it has...
  6. Hello TigrouMeow,

    I'm very interested in your work, but my use case is slightly different, so I don't know if it would fit:

    I'm trying to translate existing ExtJS classes. For example, the text...
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