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  1. I'm a little confused, I see in latest nightly: EXTJS-16297- Cell editors should support Ext.Widget classes as editors but I don't see code changes related to this and the Fiddle still doesn't work.
  2. Only difference I see is that you don't point to the same Fiddle. Maybe it's related to OS display rendering where it cancel the difference, since both kind of row are pretty close in color.

  3. Open west panel
  4. That sound familiar to this thread ->
  5. The widget does implement mixin Ext.form.field.Field. This is the only significant bug to make this working.
  6. See west panel of Fiddle:

    If you use a mouse scroller, usually between left and right button, in all other browser, we can move the grid vertical scroll...
  7. Open west panel with Fiddle

    Tested with Firefox 34.0.5


    Please confirm the following:
    1- Firefox is supported by Ext JS 5.x
    2- Firefox was tested...
  8. On west panel edit column 'rating' with Fiddle ->

    Then you will see the problem:

    Subsequent edits are correctly positioned.
  9. workaround mentioned here ->
  10. fyi: it's part of ticket-19998 since December 4, 2014
  11. Combobox started to be Internet Explorer compatible around 5.1.0. To be honest and realistic that mean for the first time the Ext JS 5.x is compatible with IE since an application not using combobox...
  12. Thanks Animal for your hard work but it seems your fix did break a use case using grouping, see...
  13. Using nightly build Dec 15,, which was probably supposed to be called

    Under 'Ext.view.Table' I have the following code executing, where cell is null:

  14. I'm guessing this agent also handle nightly build of Ext JS because the latest now available is the one of the night Dec 14.
  15. I'm probably naive; I thought the setup of Sencha Cmd nightly build was for all future builds, but the current needed Sencha Cmd is nowhere to be found.

    Here again:

  16. The grid also shows empty and you can reproduce with official Sencha Example like described here:...
  17. For example, below I have a store accessible in my view model called: 'users'

    var viewModel = new

    users: {
  18. Replies
    This may all be fixed now. I tested without the override with latest nightly build and I don't see any bad behavior.
  19. fyi: Forum search doesn't work as of 12/15/2014 07:17 AM Eastern time
  20. Thanks a lot of the quick response with a solution.

    Is it possible to ask in Sencha code review that methods be smaller?

    I have the same problem with override I need to write, they often...
  21. Can reproduce on IE9, and IE8. Our main customers are using IE8 and IE9, it's why we use Ext JS...

    So please consider this as serious.

    Using the following Fiddle:...
  22. Using the following Fiddle, on Chrome 39, if you edit a cell by changing the value you expect when you move to another cell that you will see the small top left red rectangle indicating that the cell...
  23. I feel there is no real guide about focus in the documentation, and having seen a lot of focus related bugs in the last months it seems I'm not the only one confused ;-)

    So, you know the widget in...
  24. Link called 'template method' point to nothing, see!/api/Ext.grid.column.Number-method-defaultRenderer
  25. So what? You are telling me that simple test case work with less issue than when they are complex. I do agree.

    I have never work on a an application that look like your simple test case ;-)

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