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  1. This is the best version of exporter I've found, works with 4.1

    Pretty much the same as the one mentioned above I think...
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    Hey all,

    I've almost got this plugin working but I get the error "Downloadify is not defined"

    I downloaded the whole directory from the git and put it in ux/exporter. Is there something wrong...
  3. This is just the patch I need but I cant get it to work with MVC. Where would I put it in? I tried above my Ext.application declaration and inside my launch function

    thank you!
  4. Hey all,

    I've got a grid with a couple locked columns and with loiane's ported grid printer plugin ( and the...
  5. If you were coding in MVC, where would the Ajax request code go?
  6. Thanks for the reply!

    I moved my item declaration to the initializer but I am still getting the weird issue with the axis all being renamed. If I select a chart by id in the controller and...
  7. I've got a dashboard with several charts, all of the same class. I assign each chart an ID so I can access them individually from the controller and change their labels/data. I made a function in my...
  8. fair enough, thanks!
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    thanks for the help!
    An easier workaround to keep the column from sorting when you click the header is to set

    sortable: false
    in the column configurations
  10. Hey all,

    I have a chart that has one big outlier in the data. Is there anyway to format a break in the y axis to make the other values display better? Any other ideas on how to deal with this...
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    Hey all,
    I'm taking a store, grouping it, doing getGroups() on it, and mapping that array onto a new store. Code:

    var store =...
  12. Thanks! I actually found a way to do it without using themes.

    To configure the title label color of an axes just add the label title configuarion to that axes:


  13. I have a chart with axes label titles and I want to change the color of the labels from black to red. I've looked here: under "theming" and I think I...
  14. figured it out mostly...

    itemclick: function(record, index){
    var grid = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('grid')[0];
    var store =...
  15. I have a grid and a scatter plot representing the same data. I'd like to be able to click on a row in the grid and have that corresponding point on the plot be highlighted. I'm having trouble...
  16. I ended up using and iframe plugin I found here:

    Using that plugin I could write the function:

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    Thank you! Just what I needed
  18. I'm having trouble with what I thought would be a simple task. I have a scatter plot and I want to be able to click on a point to highlight it (and for it to remain highlighted). I have a listener...
  19. Okay I've gotten a bit farther now, thank you.Here is my function (called from a button), "thepanel" is my blank panel. I'm using a relative path to access another one of my ext projects.

  20. yes that worked, thank you!
  21. I have two separate applications and I would like to integrate them. I'm trying to use a button click event to load a url where my second application is into a basic panel. I found this post on the...
  22. I'm trying to change a given row in my grid so that it is green. I'm using the addRowCls() function:


    Here is my css...
  23. So I have a scatter plot and a grid representing the same data. I'm trying to make it so if a user clicks on a point in the plot, that point and its matching row in the grid will be highlighted.
  24. I figured out a way to color the markers differently according to a flag in the data. I used a renderer in the series, here is the code:

    renderer:function(sprite, record, attr,...
  25. Thanks for the reply!

    Would there be a way to break up a store into two different series depending on some flag variable in the store. Like having each series represent different rows of data from...
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