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  1. I get this error when selecting a component of an upgraded project.
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    We have a Sencha Complete license. The activation fails when using the original activation code and the forum password together.
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    Sencha Architect 2.1.0 build 613
    Release chanel: 2.1-stable

    Windows 7 X64 8GB Ram

    Sencha reported this memory error while building a form.
  4. I get this error too. The groupField property on my stores is lost every time I reopen my project.

    I can confirm that the groupField is saved to the metadata file, but does not seem to be parsed...
  5. I've found that this bug is based on this: If the linked panel has the title "General" for example, and the linked tab does not have a different name, then it will revert to "My Tab" the next time...
  6. I've upgraded to 2.1 build 584. Windows 64 bit. Using ExtJS 4.1

    When my project was converted for the new version, all column editor configs that were textfield or datefield were not converted and...
  7. I've upgraded to 2.1 build 584. Windows 64 bit. Using ExtJS 4.1

    None of my view tpl configs survived. I having to redo each one.
  8. I've upgraded to 2.1 build 584. Windows 64 bit. Using ExtJS 4.1

    Every single time I open the project, it resets all the tab titles of linked panels to "My Tab". The linked resource is not altered,...
  9. Where are with this - surely their must be a release with this fix by now???

    This page hasn't been updated since build 439 yet it is linked to from the program....
  10. If this has been fixed in a recent build, can I get access to that build please?
  11. Hi Phil

    It was a Window, with field containers, each field container contained multiple fields which included textfields and datefields. Looking at the forum, I can see several people experienced...
  12. Hi Phil

    Same SA2 and machine details as in my starting post.

    I fixed the project already, but I can tell you how it happened. I duplicated a panel and got those errors. I deleted the nested...
  13. This is another one I keep getting. This a brand new project with a couple of views and stores. I deleted a component and then I get this.
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  15. Support are ignoring me on this one, can anyone give me an update on this? Should I give up hope and assume that SA2 will never work for bigger projects?
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    Yeah, it's a nightmare - I have to submit my project to SVN before making any changes just in case I need to recover, which I have had to do 3 times so far.
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    I feel your pain. I am now seriously behind on a project because of this issue. I've developed a nervous disorder because not only does it crash every 5 minutes, but it also corrupts the metadata on...
  18. I have emailed the archive as requested.
  19. I ran SA2 with a debugger go this when it went down

    Unhandled exception at 0x773415de in Sencha Architect.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0xbbadbeef.

    Also, there may be a...
  20. Thanks Aaron,

    I sure there are a combination of factors which will make this frustrating for you and your team to debug. Your more than welcome to send me a debug version for me to test. In the...
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  22. I've been trying to use Sencha Architect today. I upgraded our version 1 project and it crashed half way through saving (out of memory error). I tried again and it worked.
    I have tried several...
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