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  1. in the config, just type your function. Replace "false" in the code editor with whatever your renderer function is, e.g.:

    function(value, record) {
    return (value) ? 'true value' : 'false...
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    When you mention you copied the 3 Azure extension files, I'm assuming you're either looking at a package that's not for architect or perhaps they're just Ext.ux.* classes - that's not going to work...
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    you ought to be able to just edit the setting right there and save it, should be good to go! I'd suggest C:\users\pkellner\Documents\Architect\Extensions (for extensions) and similar structure for...
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    You should be able to go to the Architect preferences, and under the "File" section, see the settings for each path under "Asset Storage" - I'm surprised it's not C:\users\peterkellner\Documents...
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    There is, yes!

    I cannot give any specific dates at this time, but I'm able to tell you that yes, we are working on Ext5 support in Architect.
  6. yes you can click on my username and send a private message!
  7. First of all, I'm really happy to hear that you're liking Architect so far! Thanks for the kind words!

    To work with classes outside of the default supported set, you can load them as a resource...
  8. Unfortunately, in this case your only options are to either query down to the datepickerfield in your top level instance's init function, or to add it as a top level component and reference it (e.g....
  9. We actually haven't allowed this as far as I'm aware. I just tested back to Architect 2.2 and wasn't able to set a config as an expression.

    The recommended path here would be to set the config...
  10. To make sure I'm clear on what you're looking for: the issue is that you want to see the events listed as options from your controller action in the dropdown?

    You can still type the name of the...
  11. the async load is exactly what you want - if it's not working, perhaps you forgot to remove the <script> tag that causes a synchronous load?
  12. In your app.json - is remote: true set for the google maps script? Not positive that'll fix the issue, but it may.

    Alternatively, if you need to fix it manually:

    I would detect if online using...
  13. You have 2 options here -- you can either add a JS resource in architect that points to your script source (set the URL to colfusion/API.cfm) -- or you can go into the project options and uncheck the...
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    edit: apologies, I wasn't familiar with this package at the time - I need to revisit my reply here!
  15. I just downloaded the updated zip file and tried it out. Your package.json is malformed -- JSON cannot have comments, and you also left a trailing comma, and some of your field names are nonstandard....
  16. I don't think the file is attached - can you try again and I'll have a look?
  17. You'll need to adjust your code to handle the possible error of the google maps API not existing. I forget the variable name off the top of my head, but let's say it's "maps"... if (!maps) { // do...
  18. at a quick glance, I believe you may have your required JS files in the opposite order of what you need. NavaraAPI.js is minified so I can't quite tell there, but it seems you would need proxy.js to...
  19. I believe we'll need to make an update to Architect to accommodate the column here. I'll file a ticket. At the time we initially released the touch grid, the number field was disabled because it was...
  20. There's a known issue where Architect 2 and 3 aren't coexisting in a friendly manner - have a look at this thread for a workaround. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  21. The Touch Grid extension merely enables the very same source code of the Touch Grid you can use outside of architect. The fact that the touch grid is behaving weirdly based on the order parameters...
  22. Thanks for the report. This is likely a Touch issue and not an Architect issue, but either way I will file a bug into our tracker and get this looked at for you.
  23. If you want to bring external code into Architect without using an override, one method you can use is our new User Extensions.

    Ext.ux.* classes are not "full fledged" members of the framework...
  24. is there a reason you're not using the built in map component?

    certainly you are able to include the google maps API yourself if the component doesn't serve your needs. We have a fix in for a...
  25. Yes, it wouldn't be an issue with the project - rather a specific saved component (or multiple saved components) that it's having trouble interpreting.

    As a fix, can you go to your Architect...
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