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    how to implement this plugin
  2. i have the answer about this case, i am try to set false in autoDestroy or remove autoDestroy, and success!
  3. yes, like u say slemmon
  4. any body can help me
  5. Dear All

    i trying develop simple aplication using MVC Architecture using extjs 4.2, my problem is, if i call controller firt time it running but if i call same controller again i got the error...
  6. mitchellsimoens your suggest not work to, i am using extjs 4.2 beta and i am create app using MVC extjs
  7. Dear All

    a few day i was search "HOW TO SUBMIT FORM SEND EMPTY/NULL PARAMETER" and i am try all suggestion from forum answer about this, but did'tn work.

    i found this url...
  8. :(( i am using ext4.2beta, and i am try all suggestion from this forum but did'tn work
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