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    Gotchya. So accessing properties without specifying .config is a 1.1 convention? I didn't ever get any warning messages about that in any build, debug or otherwise.
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    landed I just ran into the same problem this morning. I fixed it by changing all of my similar references to be var.config.*, and it works in all-debug as well as final builds.

    Can someone from...
  3. Here's just a couple of thoughts to get you started on your questions.

    With ST2 the native package and deploy system has gotten pretty good, but is not without bugs. In that sense, no, you don't...
  4. Thanks for the suggestion aoathout, but that didn't seem to be my problem, as it is occurring when I pull in data for a whole store, not just individual records.

    Upon further investigation, this...
  5. Ya, bump, still having this issue.
  6. Yes.
  7. Alright, this one's been bugging me for a little while now and I can't seem to find what I'm doing wrong. Hoping that someone in the community can point out my error.

    I have a view with an...
  8. Got it. Must have missed that somehow when I was using the other releases. Thanks as always for the quick response Mitchell.

    What's the best way (the Sencha way) to override getSubmitValue() then?...
  9. I think I remember reading about this change in the release notes, but can't find it at the moment. Sometime prior to RC2 I believe, if you had checkboxes on a form and submitted it, ST would follow...
  10. This is probably a known issue, but I'm just checking with the community to see if anyone can fill me in on what the particular source of the bug is and if there's action on it on the Chrome dev...
  11. Not that I've seen. Because views are essentially stateless in ST, a change to a store when one view is visible would technically also reflect in the view that isn't visible. If both of those views...
  12. Ah, figured it out, unrelated to Sencha. :"> Mobile Safari doesn't seem to have fully implemented ECMA v5, and so it won't parse the dates as I was sending in, or ISO8601 timestamps. I was sending in...
  13. I am using the extra special nifty formatting method in Ext.Date, and it seems to be working great on the desktop (Chrome 17, Safari 5) but not on the iPad (iOS 4, 5). I am probably missing something...
  14. So I suppose that I was just thinking about how to execute it incorrectly. From what the indomitable Mitchell has said, I reworked it so that my request to open a view fired an application event...
  15. Isn't that similar to what's being done in the code sample above? The callback function on the store.load() calls this.renderChecklists(), which does do it's job and renders out the components....
  16. Is there a way by listening to the right events that you can get a store to reload and modify a view before it has been rendered to the screen, but after it has been added to the viewport? Currently,...
  17. Gotchya, and an inline will work just fine there. Thanks for the clarification and great answer!
  18. Thanks Tommy, that does make sense. I found the documentation for the convert method (!/api/ but the code example seems to not be in the...
  19. Been trying to come up with a way to display a composite field, or a returned value, on select fields, instead of just one field from a model. For example, if I have a store of User models, and each...
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    Great news! Thanks Sencha Touch team.
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    Gotchya. Thanks for filing the bug, and for the workaround!

    I know we don't talk release dates around here, but PR4 was a very short release. Is B1 more like that, or a longer test? Or can you...
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    I'm running into an issue where my app may try to call a new MessageBox.prompt while another one is still disappearing (doing its exit animation). For example, the prompt asks for an input, and if...
  23. Great job Luis, works like a charm.

    ST PR4 rewrote the doRequest method a little bit, so I had to grab the new version from the sencha-*.js file and modify to make it go again. Code below.

  24. (darn, had a good long post written up and the page ate it on preview, so here's a condensed version):

    Looks like this isn't possible how I was envisioning it at the time. Instead, it sounds like...
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    I was trying to do something similar to what tomlobato was doing because the docs have 'listeners' down as a config property on Store, but not 'constructor.' Perhaps it's because I'm new to ST, but...
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