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  1. see this tread, hope it helps:
  2. i came with a better approach:

    changing the listener from the form panel to the store, like this:

    var storeOpcoesAcesso = Ext.create('', {
    groupField: 'descricao',...
  3. Hello,

    i was experiencing the same issue, but i came with this workaround:

    the store its nothing special:

    var storeOpcoesAcesso = Ext.create('', {
  4. hi people, this modification is just perfect for what i´m looking for.
    but i need the same action to other columns of the same grid, selecting only that checkboxes of that group as well.
  5. Hello to everyone...
    i'm using itemselector to show up 5 different fields at a big form panel.
    Adding records to a database is running great.
    My problem is when is on edit mode of the form panel....
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