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  1. I have now tried it on another machine, also IE7 (WinXP; the other was a WinServer 2003)
    and I have successfully reproduced it

    so this may be an IE7-specific issue?
  2. have you tried IE7?
  3. the interesting thing is that
    this issue only occurs, if

    the window's animateTarget is set
    AND there is a PagingToolbar
    AND there are more data records than can fit on a single page of the grid
  4. I have succeeded to crash IE(7) with a simple grid
    (FF works normally)

    here is the code to reproduce:

    (try to show/hide the window with the button)

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    yes, I have the same problem
  6. Tim,

    as far as I can see, gmail uses the same Midas editor as Ext's htmleditor
    not a home-grown editor
    (check with Firebug)

    the other thing is that we are NOT stuck with how MS implemented...
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    OK, this was my own stupidity...

    if I set the widths of all the form fields
    with a for loop
    (including the checkboxes)
    then the checkbox will be centered
    (see the attached image)

    but if I...
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    OK, than lets call this a feature request
    to be able to align the checkbox to the left side

    but I think setting
    width: 15
    is not the expected, normal way to do this alignment
    (at least not for...
  9. gmail inserts a <DIV> (not <P>) in IE, but <BR> in FF - so surely there IS a way to insert <DIV> (or <P>) instead of <BR>
    as far as I can see

    (and probably makes some server-side processing
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    OK, another workaround
    but still should be fixed in Ext, I think
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    I have the same problem
    (the checkbox rendered horizontally centered, and no way to align it left)

    according to the source code
    this is "wired" into Ext

    a workaround:
  12. someone moved this thread from the bugs forum to the help forum

    I think this is a BUG in htmleditor
  13. try to do the following formatting in htmleditor in IE:

    my first list:


    my second list:

  14. Brian,

    unfortunately I've found that DataView does not work correctly
    when I add the CSS rule you suggested
    (in IE6, at least)

    here is an example:

  15. this one works as a part of an XTemplate template:
    '<tpl for=".">'
    but this one does NOT work:
    "<tpl for='.'>"

    I have lost a day trying to figure out what the problem was
    so maybe I can help...
  16. the DataView's tpl config option
    does not accept an array of strings (HTML fragments)
    as stated in the docs
    (can only accept a string or an XTemplate - this can also clearly be seen from the...
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    here is a quick workaround
    (but should be fixed in Ext, of course)

    windowConfig.listeners = {
    beforedestroy: function(w) {
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    If I open & close (not only hide) a modal dialog
    the hidden mask remains in the DOM structure;
    if I do this many times
    many hidden DIVs (with class="ext-el-mask") stay in the memory

    here is the...
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    this line:"load", function () {

    won't this add a new listener function to the store
    each time it is run (ie each time setValue is called) ?
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    I have been also thinking about this issue:
  21. sorry mystix if I was wrong
    I really did not want to hurt anybody
    and I would not like to start a flame war here, Ext is really great
  22. I also think that some known or easy bugfixes have not found their way into the final release

    really no offence, only my personal hint
    but I think the Ext Team should improve its bug management...
  23. applying
    autoHeight: true
    to the form panels inside the tab panel
    resolves the IE issue of not expanding
    (now it expands)

    now only one issue remains
    both in IE an FF
    (see bug2 in the...
  24. I wonder why hasn't this become part of the 2.0 release?
    are there some more issues with this?
  25. OK, applying these styles:

    .ext-ie .x-form-element,.ext-ie .x-form-item label,.ext-ie .x-form-check-wrap input,.ext-ie .x-form-field-wrap,.ext-ie .x-form-trigger {
    position: static;
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