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  1. yes, thank you, that's a possible solution but I hoped it can be done via configuration somehow avoiding overrides plus sort() i may not be the only entry point to changing order.

    Surprisingly I...
  2. Is there any way I can tell Grid to load first page when I click on a column to sort?
    I use pagination and remote sort and staying on the same page when changing sort does not make any sense
  3. but wouldn't it make sense to support it? The distribution is getting huge in 10th of thousands of files and being able to reference files from the package rather than having to unzip it every time...
  4. Our application builds must be independent from the computer they are executed and fully self-sufficient. We use maven to build the app and building Ext UI code is just one part of it. Currently Ext...
  5. When
    - all columns have specific width
    - forceFit set tot true
    - grid is grouped

    column widths are ignored and default width is set to all columns

    to reproduce make following changes in...
  6. Also in grid, using check-box selection model does not honor check box only option and does not retain/add to selection when clicking check boxes without control as 4.2.1 used to do
  7. my chrome did not refresh its caches. after pushing refresh couple of times after the build the bug is indeed fixed
  8. I have the same issue and I just tried it and the bug is still there
  9. I tried to do it by plugging in my own ConsoleHandler so I can intercept and analyze all log messages but Cmd seems to be so monolithic and un-configurable piece of code that it does not lend itself...
  10. We would like to use closure compilation as a final step of validating our JS code. to avoid some trivial errors like extra coma in arrays/objects and some less trivial as well. Is it possible to...
  11. internally it is marked rc-1
  12. you must be have support subscription,, then you can grab it from nightly builds
  13. We have some legacy code which does not follow MVC at all (many classes in the same file, Ext.define, requires not used etc) we need to extend this application and want to use MVC for the new code...
  14. I resolved by removing all requires from Ext.application({}). I guess it is timing issue - it starts resolving dependencies before Ext.Application is fully configured and had chance to configure...
  15. Sorry path is

    /Application.js (my app.js)

    I tried
  16. I am migrating 4.1 to 4.2 and class loading is not working for me. It used to be that requires:[] will be loaded by stripping application name space and adding Application.appFolder. Now application...
  17. Store.getGroupString ignores Grouper.getGroupString so if you provided a Grouper with your own getGroupString it never used

    Snippet from Store.js:

    getGroupString: function(instance) {
  18. Great news, thank you!!

    If I understand correctly, Stores and related components are shared with Touch and will be of production (or close) quality even in first alpha releases?
  19. I am trying to wait for 4.0 release for a new project. I wonder if the end of February release date is still on target and when 4.0 beta will be out. If I recall, there was a plan to release...
  20. When moving mouse over Grid row the very first row is not highlighted. All subsequent rows are highlighted fine
    You can see it in /examples/grid/array-grid.html

    Ext 3.3 SVN checkout as of 7/15...
  21. The error can be observed in Desktop Sample App upon closing Grid Window
  22. Error on GridView destroy line 72103
    Ext 3.3 SVN as of morning 7/2/2010
    all FF 3.6, IE8 (probably all browsers)

    columnDragData is undefined
    chrome://firebug/content/blank.gif ...
  23. I need to modify description a bit

    1. if grouping store has no group and sort order specified, load() fails with sortFns[0] is undefined

    2. if grouping store has no group and sort order...
  24. Any chance for this issue to be fixed? Still there is no way to clear sort order for grouping store
  25. Jamie, do you mean empty sort issue have been fixed in svn? Unless it has not made it from git to svn yet, my test case (of setting sortInfo to undefined in grouping store) still fails
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