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  1. I did. same results..

    you might try out your proposed solution:

    b57 is without tree.add(..)
  2. thanks for your answer.

    it works with the handlers=D>

    After implementing it, the menu gets shown at the wrong coordinates. I noticed it also in your example.

    correct positioning:
  3. Hi everyone

    I wanted to add a context menu to an tree panel and use the same ViewController instance for this context menu.

    When I created the menu manually via Ext.define, ViewController and...
  4. did you come up with a solution or did you end up using a charting library like highcharts or fusioncharts?
  5. I had the same issue using TinyMCE, Ext.ux.TinyMCE 0.8.5 and Ext 3.2.1.
    I figured that in the function '_setEditorSize' in Ext.ux.TinyMCE the Toolbar Element of TinyMCE Editor is not...
  6. nobody? :((
  7. any ideas on this? :O
  8. hi everyone

    I failed to show a Dialog within a event handler of a 'beforerowselect' of a gripanel... it just doesn't show up respectively it disappears immediatly. :-?

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    nice post! thanks for sharing!

    I'm wondering how you manage the authorization on the client side (inside js) ?
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    nice extension..=D>

    is there anything comparable for the CellSelectionModel? would be awesome..
  11. thanks.. that was the key hint! (:
  12. ok, I isolated the whole part with the TabPanel.. took a little bit effort to got that running, because there are a lot of dependencies with which I don't wanna bother you.
    and after all, I did find...
  13. I set up an context menu for my tabpanel but everytime the context menu is shown, the panel content disappears or is resized to 0.. whatever I just can't see the content anymore..

    anyone knows...
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    take a look at this topic:
  15. it's pretty obvious that it won't work with ONLY addTab.. I was talking about comibining it with deleteTab.. but it seems It's already done, hence I will check out extjs 2.0... thanks for help!
  16. Hi,

    As the title says I want to insert a TabItem between two others.. but as far as I'm concerned there is no "insertBefore" method for the TabPanel like the TreeNode has..

    Is there an easy way...
  17. yes! (: thanks jsakolos! it works perfectly :D
  18. when I use e.xy as parameter e.xy );

    this error occures (firebug):

    I tried using
  19. ok there's a new issue now...

    I've added Events on the TabPanelItem but also on the TabPanel itself (see below).. because I want to add some actions on tabPanel like 'add new panel' or 'flush...
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    I think, he probably meant.. how to insert a button on EVERY row in a specific column...
  21. ok thanks.. sorry therefore for wasting your precious time..

    I used

    and it works fine...
  22. Hi there

    I have problem.. maybe it's just a joke for you, but I'm not that advanced in java script and new to extjs.

    I wanted to have a contextmenu (right click) on a TabPanel, so u can choose...
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