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    Any ideas?
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    Also the next Problem:

    I have a grid with a column that uses combobox editor.

    1. How does the user even know it is editable when the combobox is never displayed before the cell is selected? I...
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    I currently have a problem with the default tabbing behaviour in my extjs app. I have a page with 4 layers of modal dialogs/windows. In these windows I usually have one or several forms,...
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    Hello all,

    I am currently facing this problem. My requirement is to

    1. set clicksToEdit to 1 - easy cellEditing plugin

    2. set Key to Edit to Tab - By default the user has to use tab to...
  7. I assume that the reason for this is that the array I add to the store is not grouped and the store itselft never applies the grouping definition to the order of the items while in the view the grid...
  8. Hello,

    I ran into a problem today after removing a proxy from my page. That proxy handled json mapping but because of new requirements that could result in the json having attributes that were...
  9. Also it was me who asked this before

    I tried to do this with a grouped grid before but...
  10. The performance seems to be ok right now though I have not been able to test it with huge amounts of data.

    I tried going to 4.1 PR1 based on your suggestion to fix my Scrollbar problems but it...
  11. Basically I have about 22 Grids in my center and each grid is the same and the last column in each grid.

    The data in the grids changes upon navigation on a tree. I load the data via AJAX and then...
  12. In fact changing from 4.0.7 to 4.1 PR1 I found some other functions to be broken such as the object in the itemclick listener of the treepanel returning undefined values.
  13. verticalLayoutPanel is a Panel inside the center region that has vbox layout.

    I tried to set autoscroll : true for the verticalLayoutPanel but nothing.

    Another thing I noticed is that problem 1...
  14. Ok I switched to 4.1 PR1 and the first issue is fixed but the 2nd issue still exists.
  15. Yes using the newest 4.0.7 version.
  16. I re-worked my entire code now so that instead of using one grid and grouping records appropriately and then possibly having to iterate over the groups and making changes to events for each group and...
  17. I am currently having trouble to make a nested panel with vbox layout scrollable. The vbox layout panel can have a dynamic number of grids in it with a dynamic number of records.

    Here is my pseudo...
  18. well yes the thing is how would I iterate over the grouped headers to collapse them or expand them, my problem is I dont know how to access the groups to set properties appropriately and style.
  19. Ok I am facing another dilemma with my web application that might not even be solvable like that.

    Basically what I am using a grid that can have entries for categories. The grid is grouped by...
  20. I guess that should work.
  21. Hello I created a Grid that is always grouped and I needed a button in the group header to add specific types to the grouped section.

    I added an html button to the group header that I used css...
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