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    Does anyone tried it ?Could he give us his feeling about it ?
  2. Hi all,

    I have an issue while loading my app.

    in Application.js > init or launch, I wrote this kind of code

  3. Hi !

    could you tell me how is defined your stores ?

    My issue is that the store files are loaded before so my directfn is not defined and the app is not loading.

    I do not understand how you...
  4. The shame is that I do not want to change all codes with initComponents.There is now way to use properly Ext.Direct in ExtJs5 while setting the directFn in the store proxy ... ?
  5. The last paragraph of your post is the solution for me, I think.

    I'll try it.
  6. Hi !

    I'm trying to inlcude it properly but could not.Here's my app.json

    "js": [
    { "path": "./locales/i18n.js" },
    { "path": "./locales/i18n_fr_FR.js" ...
  7. Hi all,

    I am trying to refresh my app (Extjs 4.2.1) with Sencha Cmd v4.0.4.84.
    But unfortunately, after parsing all files (no commas, ...) this error occurred :

    C2000: Rhino Parse Error...
  8. It should be very simple.
    I have two grids (left on right). I should be able to drag an element from the left grid and drop it into a right grid element -- not after/before but into.
    When dropped,...
  9. Thx israelroldan but I really want to use my grid and not a tree grid.Can't find a way to do a DropZone
  10. Hello everyone,

    I use lots of drag and drop between grids and it works well.

    Now I need to drag items (children) and drop them in grid item (parent). It has to be dropped in the grid item and...
  11. Any news of this issue ?
  12. Hi,

    I am benchmarking Extjs with ElasticSearch.
    My curl command is this one :

    curl -XGET '<myhost>:<myport>/<myindex>/_search' -d '{
    "facets": {
    "name": {
    "terms": {
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  14. Hi !!
    I need to do exactly the same in the bottom of my app.
    I need a collapsible panel to expand on click but while floating.

    I've check your jsFiddle.

    Did you find the answer ?

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    Hi all,

    I use code like this

    requires :
    Ext.Loader.config.application + '.store.Articles',
  16. Hi all,

    I know this issue has been discuss for a long time but I could not find a clue and perhaps is it very simple so I'm asking for a little help.

    I have tried Weinre and no logs are...
  17. Hello all,

    I used to work with sdk and touch v2.0.
    I've updated all by building a new app with sencha cmd and copiying stuff.
    The webapp mode works great.

    But when building my app, the app.js...
  18. Hi all,

    I've just tried to include netpune theme after upgrading to 4.2.1.
    It seems fine but I need to change lots of buttons, tabpanel header ...

    But it seems that I could not used any other...
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    I'v just found it.

    dynamicPanel = new Ext.Component({ autoEl: {
    tag: 'iframe',
    style: 'height: 100%; width: 100%; border:...
  20. I'v just found it.

    dynamicPanel = new Ext.Component({ autoEl: {
    tag: 'iframe',
    style: 'height: 100%; width: 100%; border:...
  21. Hi, could you tell me hw you open an iframe.
    I'am trying without success. No css and js.

    You'll save my day.

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    Hi all,

    I need to display an html page in my app. I was thinking about panel.
    I am doing this :

    dynamicPanel = new Ext.Panel({ region:'center',
    loader: {
  23. Hi,

    I would like to declare a grid with a default column/renderer type in order not to set it foreach column.
    Is there a way to do that ?


  24. Thank you but it is not the field default value that I want to extend but the record value.
    In the record, if the field xx is empty and the field xxx_default is not, take the xx_default.

    This is...
  25. Hi all,

    I'll explain my will and hope someone could perhaps help me finding the best way to do it.
    I have store with i18n datas.
    My API return this :

    name: 'monvelo',
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