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    It is fixed for 4.2 and some more, see:
  2. Me too. While on 4.2.1 i've tried many cominations of renderTo/constrainTo. But there are still issues. My one is dynamic constratined windows inside a container with a toolbar on top of it in one...
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    if server is down while app is in browser and is loading a store this is what it gets in Ext.Msg UI:

    TypeError: undefined is not a function
    at crud_exception (eval at <anonymous>...
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    Can be not v5 related but in v4 model's proxy config doen't apply to store config. Thus roll own proxy class and use it in model and/or store configurations.

    for ref:...
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    var tpl = new Ext.DomHelper.createTemplate(html);
    these example lines must be without `new`.
  6. updated to ext-
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    1) 4.2.2/#!/api/

    asText - Removes any tags and converts the value to a string
    asUCText - Removes any tags and converts the value to an uppercase string
    asUCText -...
  8. Ext.ux.BoxReorderer: disable if container overflows
  9. It seems that is doing something in this way:
  10. Kebab Project v.1.5.x have something similar, see Quick Tour Video @

    There are ExtJS 3 and PHP on server side, BTW. Works for me as UI examples under denwer.
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    This idea works for me in 4.2. I use custom textarea, keymap and text handling for each grid.
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    Original example has standard sorting (in headers) disabled. This one has not. So, is it possible to make this sorting in sync with plugin? I.e: it adds column to sorting chain.

  13. I'll try to explain in words. When editing starts in the middle of the grid, column names are somewhere in the top grid header. I'd like to have them (grid column headers) right above editor's input...
  14. Any ideas how to implement a grid header on top of the row editor?
    There are cases when header must be in front of information being changed.
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    Due to selection restrictions of grid design it seems like making selection available just in rowexpander is not that bad solution.
  16. i use patched AbstactStore.sync() as mentioned

    var lm = new Ext.LoadMask(Ext.sheets.pasteSMS, {msg:'processing rows...'})

    ,dockedItems: [{
    xtype: 'toolbar',
  17. Hi. I want to have a grid header on top of the row editor. There are cases when header must be in front of information being changed.

    To achieve this i see that i can extend getFloatingButtons()...
  18. While doing store sync there are 3 possible code branches:
    if(needsSync) success_call_back_ui_updates()
    if(needsSync) fail_call_back_ui_updates()
  19. It isn't listed in "Release Notes for Ext JS 4.1.1#Known Issues". Same simple fix.
  20. Thanks, Scott. But, that url says "Error. Bad Title" anyway.

    Also in 13 Firefox even vertical grid scrolling does very slowly, like by pixel...
  21. Grid horizontal scrolling by shift + mouse wheel works in Chrome. In Firefox it scrolls URL history. Is it possible to fix this in some way (about:config or something)? Thanks.
  22. Possible fix: background-color:transparent;
    .x-grid-rowwrap-div .x-grid-cell,.x-grid-rowwrap-div .x-grid-cell-inner{ border-width:0;background-color:transparent ;}
  23. .Extjs 4.1-rc2, store with REST proxy, on server side nodeJS + expressJS work for me:
    store.sync({success: sfun(batch, opts), failure: ffun(batch, opts)})As for API. Call `store.sync()` returns...
  24. May be store.sync({success: sfun, failure: ffun}) with REST poxy?
    .Store handles updates and following view event handling. No?
  25. For new column there must be data from server, right? There is an interesting example of grid reconfiguration by Response MetaData in documentation.
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