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  1. Did anyone tried this on extjs 5 ?
  2. Hello,

    I hit on this as well. ExtJS

    Please take a look at this, it has been reported half a year ago.

  3. I have two stores: Users and Friends, holding respectively list of Users and their Friends.

    My problem is that when I try to reject the changes only the Users store return to its original state.
  4. Thank you both for taking the time and answering this.I figured out that I am also missing the 'alias' config in my store.Once I put the 'alias' config in the store and defined the 'type' in the...
  5. I have the following store:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    requires: [
  6. Lets say you have a grid and you remote filter it, depends on how you want filters applied on the backend it may not be immediately visible to the user why particular result is included in the set....
  7. Attempt in writing it as a plugin for extjs 5

    Ext.define('Ext.plugin.form.trigger.Clear', {
    extend: 'Ext.AbstractPlugin',
    alias: 'plugin.cleartrigger',
    pluginId: 'cleartrigger',...
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    Still digging in the documentation for the MVVM stuff.

    I had hard time populating radio group from my viewmodel. It appears that the radio group cannot consume normal values, instead it needs an...
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    Nothing really special about this extend, it simply demonstrates how to extend datastore that can save you some typing on a store heavy application.

    Ext.define('', {...
  10. Sorry for the late response, I guess you already solve it or abandon it. Anyway: I cannot really say what is causing the problem, but it seems like you might be calling this -> //add a provider to...
  11. Is there any development on this issue?
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    Maybe Sencha is for sale.. They want to bump up the numbers in the last quarter, so the company can sell for higher price.
  13. Following extension would give you option to put radio group in a grid column. I found this code in a gist but it was broken so I fix it to work with 4.2.2.

  14. Let me know what you need.
  15. When I publish the app it works fine, no errors. Its only in designer where it does not.
    The show stopper is that it not only cannot load live data which is something I can live with totally, It...
  16. I dont know how to see that in architect if I double click on the remote resource a new tab is added to the main area but is blank.

    however here is what I see when tail -f nginx.log and refresh...
  17. Thanks, I already tried that and the result is the same:


    The only way I can load this store is by using the directfn option, but then I can only read and dont know how to deal with...
  18. Thank you for taking the time and responding to this thread.

    Here is a screenshot of my store:

    and the model:
  19. Nobody? Really?
  20. version:

  21. Based on Extremely Easy Ext.Direct integration with PHP

    Packagist ->

    GitHub ->
  22. I have modified this package a little bit and wrap it as laravel 4 service provider.
  23. FAIL!
  24. Hello,

    I have noticed that after a field is set to read only the clear button is still present.

    Here is my update:

    init: function(textField) {
    this.textField =...
  25. useNull: true

    Ext.define('MeetingClients', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    { name: 'meetingClientId', type: 'int' },
    { name: 'firstName', type: 'string' },
    { name: 'lastName', type:...
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