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  1. App created with Sencha Architect. A top viewport with border layout. I'll send you a PM with link and login details.

    Thanks for looking into this
  2. Starting with the latest beta of Firefox 30 I see the following warning being logged to the console in FireBug:

    out = style[camel];
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    How nice it would be to just have a separate zip-file available for download... just thinking...
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    Thanks!SA3 is much more self-contained and easier to set up. However, I never got it to run on my Windows 7 64-bit so I setup another VM and running SA3 and building inside that machine.
  5. OK - glad to hear. Too bad SDP was discontinued as a product though - SDP seemed to be a nice product and the competition have died completely by the look of those abandoned web-pages.
  6. At SenchaCon 2013 (less than 6 months ago!) I went to a couple of Sencha Desktop Packager sessions. I left with the impression that SDP was a viable way forward to bring HTML5/JS applications to the...
  7. +1
    Got bitten bad by this one. :-(

  8. Thanks!
  9. Hi,
    trying to migrate to SA 3.0 and I haven't found a way to build an app with different locale in Ext JS 4.2.2. 4.2.1 removed the dynamic loading of locale into Ext JS and I have since then built...
  10. SA 3.0 b1337 on Linux Mint 15 64-bit.
    When the Publish Path in Build settings is invalid (for example when importing a project into SA from another machine or platform) the build stalls, forcing a...
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    Running 3.0 b1337 on Linus Mint 15 64-bit version:
    When the SA Build detects that ruby is not available, SA completely hangs with the "Building..." modal window open - forcing a hard restart of SA....
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    I use publish all the time - please keep it!!
    Why? One of my projects I run through Sencha Cmd to get Swedish and English locale. With the changes in Ext JS 4.2.1 locales are no longer possible to...
  13. Running the public Kitchen Sink demo from on an iPad 2 in Safari with iOS 7 installed.
    Start with the device in landscape and then rotate to portrait - no problems.

    Go back to...
  14. Any news on this?
  15. More right-click wishes... Please allow me to right-click -> Duplicate a linked component!! That would save my day!
  16. Not as major issue, but it would be nice to be able to right-click a reference definition in project inspector and do a duplicate...

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    This is how it looks like in SA when I work on the project:

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    At SenchaCon I discussed this with a couple of people and Sencha engineers and came up with an alternative approach that I can share with you. This may or may not fit your project, especially as it...
  19. See attached archived project created SA 2.2.2.
    The property "a_value" is set in the Config panel on the Window using the "Add" button.
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    SA does not have any turn-key solution to this. I have done the following:

    Put your strings in a separate namespace in a separate JS-file.
    Load that file before you include your Ext JS file...
  21. I don't know if I understand you question correctly, but if you are asking how to pass additional parameters to a Window you created in SA I'll try to give you an answer. I am not sure what your...
  22. For CORS to work properly the receiving server must send the correct headers during browser preflight checks (OPTIONS request). Check the reply to OPTIONS call and specially the headers set by the...
  23. I am not sure I understand your question - having one store per tab is a neccessity imposed by the framework as the filtering from a combobox and grid are applied to one store and can't be shared...
  24. Check the property actionMethods on it may be of help.
  25. OK - tougher one.
    In one of my projects I am handling multiple tabs by creating individual stores for each tab (each tab has a grid and a couple of comboboxes) and then setting references to the...
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