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    I have an app that has been getting large enough that it was tine to start destroying components after removing them from the screen and recreating them if needed later. Some of these components are...
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    >> I think it's about how much you override or if you are doing things properly also.

    Good point. but not the case. I understand that. It was the messing with the build enviroment that PO me.
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    jattardi - that was the reason for the upgrade at this late stage in our project. Working now, scroller fixed, but I still don't understand why they replace the resources images like splash...
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    Sorry for my expressed frustration and slow followup. We had a malware infection in oursite in the meantime that got into my computer here too.

    What I was frustrated with was upgrading cmd on the...
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    I love Sencha Touch. I have been working with it for almost 2 years, since 1.0.

    HOWEVER, I am damn tired of having my development environment being a mess after ANY upgrade. ANY! BUG FIX POINT...
  6. the difference between infinite vs not is the header on the infinite overwrites the list item, where the finite list does not, but both have the errant header.

    changing useSimpleItems has no...
  7. in prior versions (post 2.0) this worked.

    I set grouped to false, clear filters on the store, resort and refresh

    the header that remains contains the text that previously was in the this first...
  8. Is there a way to configure ST2.2 / Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.274

    so that sencha app build native

    builds a native package with a app.js that has not been minified

    I am debugging something I only...
  9. Thanks for this. I've been using jeplist for my grouped list for a few weeks now.

    Just made a change in my app to use the setGrouped feature. But when you turn off Grouped and scroll up you...
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