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  1. Does anyone know what happened to the SwitchButton control that was promised for release in Ext 3.2.0? I've grepped for it in the source and cannot find it. Was it just renamed or was it...
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    Now that ExtJS 3.2 has been released, it'd be great if you took a screenshot of each of your themes using the new "Themes Viewer" example (
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    Great work on getting things going in regard to providing a set of publicly available themes. There are thriving theming communities for products like Wordpress and I think the idea of having...
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    I didn't see any results when grepping for 'SwitchButton' -- did it not make it into the release or was it renamed to something else?

    If it wasn't included in the release, is there a chance it'll...
  5. Fair enough. I guess I'm stuck with it that way until I find a workaround. Thanks for the link to the other forum post... it's quite helpful. Thanks again for looking into the matter!
  6. Sofway,

    A couple of things...

    1) If you're simply trying to toggle the panel from being shown without destroying it (which sounds like what you are trying to do), you can just use show() and...
  7. Jay,

    Thanks much for the quick tip on adding the 'textarea.test' CSS, although I was under the impression that for the 'cls', etc. configs, you could just have a global '.my-global-css-class'...
  8. Works fine for me -- both specifying 'autoDestroy: true' in the panel config as well as calling panel.remove(to_remove, false). If you could copy and paste the code that is causing problems, that'd...
  9. Hello,

    When trying to use the slideIn effect (and presumably other effects) with an Ext.Panel which has a margin, the panel slides in fine, however, the margin isn't included in this calculation...
  10. Hello,

    While I love Ext.Fx, there are some jQuery effects which I happen to be partial to, however, when I try to use them with an Ext.Panel, they do not work properly on IE6 or IE7. They do work...
  11. Hello,

    I ran across an instance where I wanted to create a TextArea without any border or background color. I tried using the 'cls' as well as the disableClass (I don't want the text editable)...
  12. Hi,

    By default, components are destroyed from an Ext.Panel when they are removed. You need to specify 'autoDestroy: false' in the config for the panel when you create it. You can always check...
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    It looks like you've copied the panel code from this thread. These panels collapse and expand properly. Could you please be more specific when you say "there's still blank page left". I pasted your...
  14. Thanks for looking into this -- I find myself using collapsible form panels quite often!

    Also, thanks for the link to the old Ext JS 2.2 post -- it certainly sheds some light on what's going on...
  15. Hello,

    When collapsing a form panel, the fields jump horizontally both when collapsing and expanding the form panel. This bug could only be reproduced in Gecko-based browsers.

    Here's a very...
  16. Thanks! I'll have to check it out when the latest dot release comes out.
  17. I have a far more involved example in my own code, but wanted to cull the code down to its most basic form for easier bug testing.

    One can very easily imagine both of those text fields having...
  18. Hello,

    The latest ability to render an Ext.Panel in an without having to use is great! I've encountered a bug when using an 'hbox' layout in this configuration. ...
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