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  1. sorry that code came out on one line! Don't know why...
  2. In your grid constructor code:
    this.on({cellclick: { fn:this.showPopup, scope: this }); Then put in these methods in your grid:
    showPopup: function...
  3. @harrydeluxe

    You didn't change any code in the 4.0.2a example except to use the 4.0.2a Ext version. So see the field selection is broken. It would be nice for this to work where the user can...
  4. @harrydeluxe
    @justin noel
    Apparently harrydeluxe's code works with version 4.0.0. I tested it with 4.0.2a and it doesn't work. Not sure what is different..yet anyway..

    Anyone have a a fix for...
  5. This works for me:

    features: [Ext.create('Ext.grid.feature.Grouping', {
    '{[Ext.getCmp(values.viewId).up("gridpanel").getGroupField()]}: {name} {rows.length}...
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