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  1. Were you able to make some headway on this? Just starting on something that needs this exact functionality and saw your thread.

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    I just want you to note that wordwrapping in the livegrid will break basically everything. I do do that (wrap) but this will throw off all scrolling calculations and therefore make it (the livegrid)...
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    I did send you a private msg concerning some work that I dont mind paying for to be done on the grid? Do you prefer that I post this here?

  4. Is it possible, btw nice work, to call javascript methods and or events that where defined by fusion map... for example, your flash plugin could receive events from fusion map, call methods that...
  5. Animal,

    Thanks for the quick reply, but after looking at your sample (flickr) i have figured it out and you beat me to the punch, btw... that extension is a keeper!
  6. This looks like a nice extension to have, but looking at the code, it seems to only support XML, or am I wrong? What about if a remote server sends JSON vs XML (which is my case)
  7. Since I do not use PHP but servlets, would you have an issue if I were to modifu your code so I can use servlets
  8. Thanks Jozef,

    I will be more careful next time. If there is any way for me to move this into the appropriate forum, let me know and I shall do it. I will try your suggestion right way.
  9. Has anyone tried using said components together? When I try to run the HtmlEditor inside a InfoPanel I get an exception. Running the htmlEditor by itself works and the Accordion by itself also works,...
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    Damn this is nice! and everything else you create
  11. All,

    I know this subject was visited and revisited over and over, but I am looking for something particular and have not found anything related. I must have looked at every thread and studied...
  12. Thank you sir, I will get on it right away.
  13. Morning folks,

    I have a set of tabs that I would like to replace with jsakalos's excellent accordion but I extensively use the getUpdateManager() and from what i have read, it seems that this...
  14. ok.. that did not solve the problem... clicking on the border works but clicking in the editing area does not. I will put this problem aside and finish implementing the rest...
  15. rod...

    I think that your idea of an ext based editor is an excellent idea and definitly will use it and if I can, work to make it a serious contender to what is out there. The first thing that I...
  16. afternoon all,

    I was looking at the Ext.HtmlEditor that someone posted a while back (see for a reference.

    Pretty nice stuf... I have tried...
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    seems that he is, !!!! a talented developer and artist
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    Not sure how to go about it. I have created a 3 column layout (see that can be resized when one resizes a ContentPanel and that works. In the first...
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    May I ask who did the graphics for Jack's Ext
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    runterre, what is the error you are getting back?
  21. what can I say... you guys are good!.. will try this out asap.
  22. Thank you!
  23. All,

    I was wondering if anyone has ever looked at ways of loading scripts dynamically, or is there a way too do so and I have not seen it yet. I did various searches on google for that but never...
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    nope still nothing.. i am moving this to the ext thread. I consider this to be an EXT bug
  25. Jeff, thank you!!!!!!

    Guess I'll have to learn extending another day :)
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