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  1. GXT jars are not available in the main maven repository, it means you have to install the jars in your local repo manually.
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    If you look at the Explorer Demo you will see that you have to set the layout of the field set :

    FormLayout layout = new FormLayout();
  3. Yes, that's a big problem, Sencha is very bad at maintaining up to date versions and correcting bug. I suppose they want us to pay for the support, but so why do they propose an open source version...
  4. v2.2.5 should be, but because of this bug I am still using the v2.2.4. It has bugs too, but less important ones.
  5. It's a known bug in the 2.2.5.
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    A quick search in Google would have give you the answer :
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    GWT Development with Activities and Places
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    You should try this in your panel class :
    protected void onAttach() {

  9. Hi, I think there is a bug with grids when they start as hidden. In such a case, when you programatically show the grid the autoExpandColumn width is not correct (the column is very small) and the...
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    There is no Maven repository for ExtGwt. The one you are mentioning is from Jahia, nothing in relation with Sencha. What yo have to do is download the ExtGwt package and manually install the jar in...
  11. That's because you did not specify these exceptions in the methods signature of the GWT service class. You can search for "gwt handling exceptions" in a search engine.
  12. Only have your code throw an exception and the onFailure method will be called.
  13. You can include your table in a Viewport container which will monitor window resizing and automatically resize your components based on the browser size.
  14. You should do 1 and it will not break the MVP design. Have a look here :
  15. Provides equals method for Time BaseModelData class, to use in ComboBox and List with setValue.
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    Look here :
    You can see that templates provide for and if statements.
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    Sven, the problem is solved by using the strict DTD, like in the demo site in fact... Thanks !
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    Hi, I am using GXT 2.2.0 + GWT 2.0.4 with IE8 and I am encountering some display problems.
    When I use a Viewport with a CenterLayout :
    - With a <!doctype html> DTD, it's ok.
    - With a <!DOCTYPE...
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    In english it's "deactivate".
  20. In Maven you can configure plugins to execute at a specific phase during the Maven execution, using something like that :
  21. I do not have a concrete solution but I suggest you should try to understand what is happening exactly. Some questions to ask yourself : Is the filtering happening before or after the compilation ?...
  22. I am using WebDriver for Selenium with the timeouts and it works very well. My timeouts are set to 5s max, but it stops as soon as the data is available (I think it's based on Google article).
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    Some quick answers :
    1. No problem using GWT with other libraries and Maven. You create a "normal" pom.xml in which you specify your libraries, and you will need a plugin like gwt-maven-plugin in...
  24. The class WindowListener does not handle all Window events like BeforeHide or Resize. The class can only be used for the events it handles, it would be better to have the class handles all Window...
  25. Sven, the fact is, I don't want the onlick on the model but on an another image I add to the html inside the template.

    Bogusky, thanks a lot, your link was very useful. I wanted to call an...
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