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    Hi manoveg, I never found a working solution to this in the end. Sorry I couldn't help you more.
  2. I solved this problem, I moved the code that I used to populate the carousel with images into it's render listener function. It now works in the production build, not my Android app has gone from...
  3. My Sencha Touch app has a carousel. In the initialize (initialise :]) function for the carousel I run a series of methods that basically downloads three images and a corresponding hyperlink for the...
  4. I use a list on my app to display content from my YouTube feed, I get the data using Jsonp and this is fine.
    I am trying to use the ListPaging plugin and I'm close to getting it to work.

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    I suspect the html param for my Ext.Panel is not loading the HTML as a full file, rather reading it as it is all markup to be inserted into the body of a HTML document.


    This is my web...
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    I'm trying to get my app able to share a URL using Twitter.
    As my Sencha Touch app is essentially HTML I assume I can use Twitter's @Anywhere Tweetbox...
  7. I'm using a navigation view in my application, which has a black look throughout. My issue is that the back button within my color scheme is not at all very distinctive, it's hard to see the outline...
  8. I solved the problem, thank you for putting me in the right direction looking into the network dev tools.
    It turned out, as you said, that the same requests were not being sent. Changing my store...
  9. Thank you for your response. I know that jsonp won't work with xml, however the works with the same URL and this is why I'm unsure why the first bit of code doesn't work while...
  10. The first part (with the list) is neither, when I check the resources in Chrome's Web Inspector, I just see the XML file from the RSS URL, hence the error messages. However, the second part's...
  11. I am creating an application that uses RSS data from a personal webpage, which is displayed in a list. The issue is that when I use the store proxy with the type 'jsonp' it does not work, while when...
  12. Thank you, I'll ensure I call the callParent() function. I have gotten the tap event to fire.
    What I've currently done within the tap function is create a new view using ...
  13. I'm still learning the Sencha Touch framework, so please bear with me.

    I have a view that uses a carousel that contains three images at present, what I would like is that when the user taps an...
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