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  1. I am using gxt3.0.1.

    I am using AccordionLayoutContainer and it has 3 accordions (ContentPanels).
    On click of ContenetPanel header the panel is expanded/collapsed.
    But as per my requierement,...
  3. Tried 'syncSize' method on ListField but there is no use. I clearly observe that when i click on content panel to collapse(before collapse) there it self the alignment is getting changed. Not sure...
  4. I am using Gxt 2.2.5 'ListField', and added this component to a gxt 'FormPanel'. When i click on 'ContentPanel' to collapse/Expand after doing so the 'ListField' alignment is getting changed in IE,...
  5. I am using gxt ComboBox , in the field drop down it is showing values, but when i select a value from the drop down list it is now visible(disappearing). Here i am using setTemplate(), is there any...
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