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  1. Wow, thanks for the detailed response! I've been structuring my apps the same way, per those tutorials you referenced, but it's good to see it reinforced. I think the piece I was missing was getting...
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    Update : Using firebug, I identified the static html files that the API UI requests when you call up the detail for a class, and I saved the ones that I refer to a lot. I grabbed the css files and...
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    I searched and didn't find much conversation about this in the forums. Are there any chm/pdf versions of the API floating around? I'd like to be able to print certain classes that I refer to...
  4. Ok, thanks to both of you for the responses. Troy - your reasoning makes sense; no reason for multiple round trips to the server to load a combo that never changes. Can you elaborate a bit on how to...
  5. Thanks for the example!

    I should have been a bit more specific because my implementation does actually work in the scenario you provided - when the user actively selects an option from the combo,...
  6. So I've been told :) Unfortunately, I'm using hiddenName and it doesn't work.

    It DOES create a hidden input element in the DOM with the corresponding name, but it DOES NOT set the value of that...
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  8. bump again?
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    Any updates on making this theme public?
  10. bump

    I threw together a hack but this definitely isn't a good solution. After the form renders, I do the following:

    Ext.get('roleid').set({ value :});

    So I'm manually...
  11. Hey All,

    This seems to be a common problem, as I've found multiple instances of it in the forums, but I have not seen a good solution. I saw an override to the ComboBox class that Condor / Animal...
  12. So, I switched all of my "extend to configure" classes to factory methods, and I'm still getting the Ext.getCmp is undefined error.

    I start with a grid as follows, which works fine. In the...
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    I assume your grid is populated via JSON from the server? Just modify the logic on the server that returns the JSON response. If it's an admin that logged in, send back JSON for all fields and all...
  15. As an answer to my own question, for others that might stumble on this, here is a good thread about extending vs. factory patterns. The distinction to be drawn is that if you're extending only to...
  16. I will never have more than one instance at a time, so I didn't conceptually see that as an issue.

    I'm open to suggestions about the right way to structure it, i.e. in opposition to "extend to...
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    you could throw a <center><div id='mygrid'></div></center> in the html of your document, and renderTo : mygrid. (i think)
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    I'll add to that - if you aren't prepared to spend a LOT of time learning EXTJS, you will not get much benefit from it. The things you can accomplish without a good understanding of the framework are...
  19. I have extended FormPanel as a preconfigured class as follows:

    App.userForm = Ext.extend(Ext.form.FormPanel, {
    initComponent : function() {
    Ext.apply(this, {
    layout : 'form',
    id :...
  20. Nope - I'm keeping it pretty simple. The grid is static, simply as a cleaner presentation of tabular data. The only interaction with the grid is the rowselect event, which spawns the window.
  21. Awesome, that did it. Thanks! It's always so simple once the solution is pointed out :)

    For some reason I thought there had to be a 1:1 mapping of fields in the store, to fields defined in the...
  22. I've got a grid that, on rowclick, pops up a window with a form. The problem is, that the grid contains only a subset of the fields that make up an entire record, and so the record object that gets...
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    ok - I did what fay suggested and it works for me now that I've added mode and triggerAction too. I thought mode : 'local' was for data stores that were not populated via httpproxy, i.e. "local"...
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    I've read every tutorial AND the two books I have (Learning EXTJS and EXTJS in action MEAP version) and can't get the basic example of a combo box that's built with JSON data to work.

    Here's the...
  25. I spent a few hours looking at the source code of that app you have up, and bought the book because of that (paid for the print and ebook version). It looks great, and seems to address what has...
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