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  1. Try

    var myTips = firstLine +' <br/>'+ secondLine +' <br/>'+ thidrLine
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    I see your point. Try this
    Just used timeout to render progressbar.
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    Can I just ask you why you are using so much closure structure? It is much more easier to understand without a clousure. Also if closure is needed than no problem, but in this case I think it...
  4. It can be reproducible on some specific PC not all. And it seems that it is mashine specific bug. So it is hard to reproduce on my mashine by on 2 of 30 has this issue.
    Test case here:...
  5. In my case I have the some fonts like Vivaldi fonts and the same problem.
    But it can only reproducible on machine with IE 9 (upper IE version) and Document Mode Quirks (But BM: IE 9 DM: IE 9...
  6. Hi I found a solution for myself and I want to share it with you.
    You code actualy almost work, but... it has an exception on Element.getViewHeight(), thats why line dom.focus() not called....
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    It's automaticaly added. You just need to connect plugin thats all.
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    Any code? Test case?
  9. Can anyone confirm this issue or it just me?
  10. Seems that there is a bug in 'Ext.form.field.TextArea'

    isCutCopyPasteSelectAll: function(e, key) {
    if (e.CTRL) {//But should be e.ctrlKey which is boolean
    return key === e.A...
  11. Hi!
    I have a problem. In IE I when set textArea.maxLength = 3, but I can enter more than 3 key such as ("x", "c", "v") is it a bug? Below is my test case:

  12. Actually I am using Ext 4.0, but you can find the idea of doing that here:
  13. Yes. I think this is the same test case as here
  14. Hi!

    If i put ExtJS example cell-editing into frame and change height from 300 to 1200 (then frame scroll appear) I have got frame scrolling on cell click event. And also this only happens in IE....
  15. Hi!
    Finally i have found a solution:
    Just replace picker tpl dynamicly, but not combo tpl.

    picker.tpl = new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<ul><tpl for=".">',
    '<li role="option"...
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    Can you post it here?
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    Could you provide a short test case?
  18. Just add listener to your tree.

    'itemclick': function( treeview, record, index, event, eOpts){
    //do here all magic like radio...
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    What exactly do you want? Editable field on the grid or cell tooltip.
  20. Hi!
    I think it of layout: 'fit'.
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    I agree that it is cool component, but extjs component should work everywhere in all browsers. And it is very difficalt to do that ... I see, nevermind it's very exciting component :).
  22. Oh sorry
    My bad. I missunderstand kavyakn. Sorry...
    If you want replace full record than replaceRecord function is good, but if you need replace only some field (which might be better) than use...
  23. Hi sword-it!
    I can't agree with you because following code work for me.
    Even.more you can set record like, but it needs a view refresh.
  24. record = storeinstance.findExact(...);
    record.set(fieldName, newValue);
  25. I think no. Because in grid we have renderer function in which we can do some things (call another function, and having full controll of the showing value).
    But in combo there I find only tpl option...
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