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  1. so, in what way we can change the color of those themes ?
  2. fmoseley, do you mean i CAN NOT use the $base-color and "ui: back" in other theme such as "cupertino-classic" , "mountainview" , "windows" , etc??

    i still get not clear after reading the page...
  3. even i put this line to .scss, still cant solve the problem ( see the screen attached)

    @import 'sencha-touch/default/src/plugin/PullRefresh';
  4. even the following line added to scss, the loading spinner still missed in Cupertino-classic theme

    @import 'sencha-touch/default/src/plugin/PullRefresh';
  5. i just notice another problem with the cupertino-classic theme , for the Ext.plugin.PullRefresh component when i pull down , i cant see the "arrow" appear but a grey recetangle ( refer the...
  6. thanks, kidqn,
    do you mean i have to follow the steps mentioned in the website , and my problem will be fixd? and it will make the "base-color and the Button's "ui: back" works ??

    any lines i...
  7. so , do you mean i cant change the color using "$base-color" ? and the "ui:back" WONT work in all themes(eg cupertino, wp..etc) except the default theme ?
  8. mitchellsimoens , would you please provide me a sample cupertino-classic.scss which use $base-color to change the color , and also able to use the ui style of button(e.g. ui : "back" )
  9. yes, i deleted all cache/temp files in the browser, but the $base-color and ui of back button both has NO effect to cupertino -classic theme, grateful if anyone can show me a correct...
  10. yes, i deleted all cache/temp files in the browser, but the $base-color and ui of back button both has NO effect to cupertino-classic theme, but it has no problem under the sencha-touch default...
  11. yes, i compile it , but still no effect, please refer the attach screen capture "attachment1.jpg"

    not only i cant change the base color, i find that the i set the "ui" property of the [Cancel...
  12. I am new to Sencha Touch 2.3, and I tried to use theme other than the default one, but i find lot of problem with it and cant find any documentation talk about this, anyone can help ?

  13. The default splash screen of Sencha Touch is a blue screen like the attachment "loading.jpg" , how to change it ? Any documentation talk about this ?
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    what about if i use cupertino-classic theme ?? i should add the line to " cupertino-classic.scss" ?

    should i use the cupertino-classic.scss as follow:

  15. i tried changing the $base-color in your cupertino.scss file, but it doesnt work
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    do you mean i have to add the following line to my cupertino-classic.scss ?

    @import 'sencha-touch/default/mixins/Class';
  17. hi, mitchellsimoens

    but according to the documentation, the " $base-color" only works for default theme, isnt it ???

    i tried it for other theme, for example, "cupertino" , it seems no effect,...
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    why there is no spinning animation when default theme is not used,e.g. "CupertinoClassic" theme.
  19. the Global CSS variables and mixins is sued for the default theme only?

    so, how to change the look and feel of other theme, for example, change the base color of the iOS theme
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    I am trying Sencha Touch 2.3 , found the following problems:

    1) The Global CSS variables and mixins seems ONLY work in Sencha Touch's Default Theme, for example, i use this...
  21. hi , mitchellsmioens,

    any SenchaTouch 2.3 sample code for "listen to activeitemchange using onAfter or you can use order : 'after' and remove the old view" ?
  22. Does Ux.Tab.OptimizedTab and Ext.OptimizedContainer provide better performance than and Ext.Container ? Why ?

    Can we treat Ux.Tab.OptimizedTab and Ext.OptimizedContainer as...
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    hi, mitchellsimoens

    You mentioned that "When the instance is destroyed, Sencha Touch can only clean up what it knows about." , so what Sencha Touch "does not" know about ? any example? ...
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    Hi, mitchellsimoens
    you mentioned that "You can solve that issue by removing without destroying and cache those instances on a property. Then when you want to read the components you get the...
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    If we listen to the activeitemchange event and destroy the old view, will this make the view switching less smooth or make the transition takes longer time ?

    should we always destroy the old view...
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