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  1. I figured out what's happening.

    The base64 encoding in Architect 3.0 was not really an intended feature, but more of a side effect of how themes were handled. In 3.1 Sencha CMD build process is...
  2. Thanks for the info. I sent you a PM with my email address - you can send me the project there. We'll look into this today.
  3. A couple of questions to further narrow down the problem:

    - Can you check what is your setting for workspace.packages.dir in the following file, in the case when your theme is not showing up:
  4. Hi mhall,

    I verified the behavior - the images set as background in css in custom classes are not being encoded as base64. However, I also went back to Sencha Architect 3.0 with CMD 4.0 to...
  5. I'm looking into replicating the behaviour you are describing.

    I'm assuming this is a Touch 2.3 project if you're viewing it on mobile?
  6. Hi,

    Does this happen when previewing unbuilt project, after building a testing build or publishing the project?
  7. That's odd.

    A question - have you set up a workspace for your project?
  8. Regarding upcoming patch:
  9. Hi,

    The last post that you looked at has the most up-to date guide.

    Assuming that you're using Touch 2.3, this is what you should do to get icomoon icons working in both Architect as well as in...
  10. Hi,

    Could you give us some more details:

    - Which OS are you running?
    - Is this occurring only with the Crisp theme or with all other themes as well?
    - Are there any errors that you can see in...
  11. The theme ui error in Sencha Touch is something that we have fixed, and it will be included in the very next Architect patch. In the meantime, I would suggest duplicating your theme, and removing...
  12. We will look into improving this. I agree that the question can be phrased better.

    To note, the save dialogues (including layout and default naming of the buttons) are usually platform specific....
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    Sencha Animator does not provide tools for embedding sounds, as there is no way to synchronise audio with keyframe animations in HTML5 spec at this moment.
  14. Regarding bootstrap.json, is your project setup in a workspace?
  15. Did you have some custom button uis in your theme by chance?
  16. Hi Manish,Could you let us know what framework does your project use (ExtJS or Touch) and what kind of customizations do you have in your theme? Also, let us know what OS are you running. This will...
  17. Themes for ExtJS4 are not compatible with ExtJS5. However with Architect 3.1, if you upgrade the ExtJS4 project containing your ExtJS4 theme to ExtJS5 framework, the theme will be upgraded as well....
  18. Hi,

    In Ext5, the tab panel UI is actually a tab bar UI, because the styling of the tab bar and tabs is separated from the styling of the panel outer container of the tab panel. So selecting the...
  19. Architect can have problems with the files across Windows networks. If you have a local copy of the project and resources it uses it should work fine.
  20. A couple of questions to try and narrow down the problem:

    - Do you have the issue only with one project / one css file, or can you replicate it with a new project and a different css file?

    - If...
  21. I'm still unable to reproduce this, so I'm thinking it's maybe related to your machine or framework narrow it down, could you let me know:

    - what OS are you using?
    - what is the...
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    Hi sudacr,

    I'm just guessing here, and correct me if you are already doing this: When you click 'new project' in the top right corner of the dialogue that comes up you can choose whether you want...
  23. Hi,

    The 'needsCompile' property is not linked to auto-compile button in any way. 'needsCompile' is an internal flag that marks whether the theme has just been added fresh, in which case for the...
  24. I'm glad that worked for you. Good luck animating!
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    I'm glad you were able to solve the problem.
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