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  1. Hi

    I get the following error when adding a new Model to my Store. I suspect this is happening because I have a List view in a TabPanel that references my Store, which I have not yet 'opened' or...
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    How does one get the column headers to grow / shrink with the relevant columns?

    Ignoring the DataView component, how could one achieve this with a regular list?

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    Thanks for the info, this alternative way of defining a component using tpl and setData makes more sense.

  4. I've experienced this before for a number of reasons, from exceptions to having the folder open in another program.It looks like there weren't any exceptions with your build, so check that there are...
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    I have a DataView component that uses a dataItem component to render the items:

    Ext.create('Ext.DataView', {
    useComponents: true,
    defaultType: 'mylistitem'
  6. To solve this I used the DataItem's internal function function: updateRecord:

    updateRecord:function(record) {
    this.getFormField().setLabel(record.get('code') + ' ' +...
  7. Hi

    I would like to set the label property of a form-item which is a child item within a DataItem component. From the examples it looks like one can only do a one-to-one mapping of a model field to...
  8. It turns out that the radio controls in the list do actually receive focus. The list was taking long to initialize which gave the impression that they weren't receiving focus.
  9. I have a List control that has a radio input inside the itemTpl. How would I go about allowing interaction on the input field, without selecting the whole row?

    I have tried setting...
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    I would like to create a custom component that displays a table element (and it's relevant rows, etc).

    So far I have extended Ext.Container (since I would like my component to have all the...
  11. Hi

    I'm having trouble building a native app that uses an external plugin.
    I'm using Sencha Touch 2.3.0 and Sencha Cmd v4.0.0.203

    The plugin runs fine in the browser when debugging, but when...
  12. Hi Etairi

    Have you managed to find a solution with this yet? I had a similar issue & did quite a bit of experimenting with the different options in Sencha. Since then I have changed to using...
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    Is it possible to elaborate further on this topic? (for a Sencha Touch project)

    It seems like there are the following cases for including external js/css libraries:
    1. Include an external...
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    I've been grappling with the same issue of loading external js/css files.
    I can confirm that generating a brand new Sencha Touch app with Sencha Cmdv4.0.0.203, I get the following output for an...
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    I found an answer here: .. and the list of Pictos fonts here:
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    Hi there
    I'm struggling with implementing Pictos icon fonts. According to the documentation these icons are available without any sass recompile:

    'action', 'add', 'arrow_down', 'arrow_left',
  17. For anyone experiencing the same issue, here are 2 useful links.
    I managed to get it to work with loading the js asynchronously when the user changes to an online state....
  18. Hi there

    Further on this topic I would like to find out how a Phonegap-wrapped app will behave with no internet connection.Is there a way of loading & caching the Google Maps library so that (a)...
  19. Hi there

    How would one go about creating a field component, that consists of more than 1 component children, especially since Component does not have a means to add children? I am looking to...
  20. Hi

    I'm trying to create a custom message box that extends Ext.MessageBox does its own special animation. To do that I need to get its position on the screen.

    I assume I need to use getXY(),...
  21. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.3.0
    Device versions tested against:

    Device running Android 4.1.2
    Native app packaged with Sencha Cmd 4 as a Cordova build

    Form contains a...
  22. I tried both but neither worked
  23. Same here, also using 2.30
  24. Hi

    I'm uploading a file + additional json params to a server, using xhr2:true. The set of examples in the docs for Xhr2 are quite clear, but imply that you have to use a form.Panel for multipart...
  25. Hi

    The value field for the filefield and fileinput components which is initinally 'No file chosen' and changes to the selected file name is not visible in a fieldset for a native app built with...
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