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    @skirtle , thanks very much for sharing that - I definitely want to start doing things in a more prototypal way. That said... shouldn't there be a way to hold private state by combining a vanilla JS...
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    I'm trying to figure out how I can hold private state & functions in an Ext JS 4 module. Hopefully there is a solution like this (Ext JS 3 example):

    /*jshint smarttabs: true */...
  3. Thanks @mitchellsimoens - Sorry for not replying to this thread. I actually ended up having pretty great conversations on StackOverflow about this - I'd definitely recommend anybody still using Ext...
  4. Have an example you can share? Any chance it would work with Ext JS 3.x DataStore's and Model ? I'm pretty comfortable/confident with both, so if you showed an Ext JS 4.x implementation I can...
  5. @mitchellsimoens Thanks for the example, we definitely need to add the xtype declarations. How would I go about adding private methods following your "" example?
  6. Hi everyone, sorry to cross-post this, but I'm thinking the community here on the Sencha forms might have a better understanding than someone else. We use ExtJS 3.0 to build our apps. and I'm...
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