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  1. So I am trying to perform a loadRecord into an empty form, which fires the dirtychange event.

    But when trackResetOnLoad is set to true, shouldn't the reset(), reset to the original values of the...
  2. Sorry, should post in another forum.
  3. So I am trying to perform a loadRecord into an empty form, which fires the dirtychange event.

    But when trackResetOnLoad is set to true, shouldn't the reset(), reset to the original values of the...
  4. Thanks mankz. That helped a lot. You pointed me in the right direction to just override the function as you stated.

    Ext.JSON.encodeDate = function (d) {
    return '"' + Ext.Date.format(d,...
  5. This is causing major heartache for me.

    So I use the

    dateFormat: 'MS'

    But this only reads the date in from ASP.NET WCF, but it kills my service and sends a bad request 400. We had tested...
  6. Have you tried just using a Store instead of JsonStore?
  7. It's probably not your jsonString, but it could be something within GridFilters. Maybe you didn't specify a config property of "store".
  8. So, did the writer fire the requests for C,U,D. That's the first thing to determine. Once that is done, then determine how you should handle it on the server-side and fire the appropriate response...
  9. CRUD is relatively simple. I have worked with it. You just have to understand how CRUD gets fired.

    Without the grid to add a record, first you need to create a record using recordType on the...
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    Ah, that means I should go back and instantiate container instead of specifying panel with the layout border or any multiple component rendering. I get what you mean by overnesting now. Or even...
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    Viewport is a specialized implementation of Panel that has a layout of border.
  12. What, you couldn't just post your result on the same thread? Rather create a new one. What's the use of maintaining your channel on the same thread? That's just wasting space. You could edit your...
  13. Are you using the EditorGridPanel? Those operations should already be performed for you.

    Might I suggest enclosing your updateRecord with a beginEdit() and endEdit(). This will help....
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    Well, you could place breakpoints in FireBug, and run through your code to where this is failing.

    Usually, you haven't set a config property properly, so you might just have to go to the API to...
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    I'd suggest reading the **Read Me First** sticky on this forum, first.
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    Are you using the TreeLoader? The click event will fire automatically for you (on the +/- and if the node is not a leaf). What is your response? Are you using FireBug to see what requests are...
  17. What do you mean by Template? Like Ext.Template() or HTML as a template? If the latter, that is a management nightmare. I think you consider going full on ExtJS at this point and use...
  18. This may be off base, but I thought that Animal's post on this thread can shed some light as to a workaround.
  19. Animal probably solved your question. The answer to the other question you posed is: there is a "conn" accessible property in HttpProxy.
  20. You need to explain your case a little bit more, because all I would say is to use the cellclick event, and I would provide the listener code or point you to the direction of code that you would use,...
  21. Just to complete the loop on this thread.

    It was quite simple on both ends.

    When I added a record in the store, it fired a CRUD request to create the object as a JSON object. I created a...
  22. Never mind.;
  23. You got to love the syntax for that.
  24. Bump...
  25. I have a problem with capturing the mouse event to place the context menu. What I am trying to do is on a right click of the mouse on the map, it is supposed to return an event, but it doesn't, just...
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