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  1. For me, the error occurred in Architect when I did an Android Release Build.

    Since Architect doesn't allow you to modify the "certificateAlias" field it will give this "EmptyValue" error. The...
  2. I fixed this problem by updating the packager.json file's certificateAlias parameter. If you are using Architect the only way to edit this parameter is manually. Then you have to compile the...
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    I can't figure out how to change the base colors for the Cupertino theme. Is there a guide/tutorial on how to do this?

    Also, I am using Architect if this helps.

    Thank you!
  4. when I build native with "debug" config it produces an APK file, however, when I build with "release" config, there is no APK file. any ideas? I get no errors from Sencha CMD
  5. same issue. 2.1.1
  6. bump. anyone else still having this problem? :((
  7. nevermind, added to app.js and it works.
  8. Dumb question, but where do I add this code?
  9. I added a resources/startup/1136x640.png with no luck still. I even added resources/startup/640x1136.png just in case.

    Anything else you did? I am executing "sencha app build native".
  10. Ill give this a shot. Other people said to use 640x1096, but it didnt work for me. Also, did it work for your native app or just web app?

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    I tried this the other day with no luck. Is this a solution for native apps or just web apps?

    Any other app.js or packager.json settings needed? My native app still displays the letterbox...
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    yep, native. And I am packaging with Sencha CMD
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    if you don't mind, can you give some detail information?

    like what size the image needs to be and where to add it and name it?

    do I need to also update the app.js or packager.json files?
  14. any documentation on this? thanks!
  15. Sorry, I meant I too am having this issue. :D
  16. x2
  17. this still hasnt been fixed for Touch 2.1+
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    Did you mean "Default-568h@2x.png" to the "rawConfig"? There is no Default.png...
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    same issue for me.

    no luck using...

    viewport: {
    autoMaximize: true
  20. is Xcode needed when you are just using the Sencha CMD via Terminal?

    I am getting this error too
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    do you have documentation on the click functions or how to set the stars programmable?

    nice plugin!
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    I am looking for a cache solution. Any example usage code?
  23. x2 on the flickering. any ideas on how to disable this feature if there isnt a fix for it?
  24. Well, by switching the single and double quotes around it accepted my HTML code:

    return "<div class='d'>" + record.get('date') + "</div>";
  25. how do I bring this new card-panel into focus? Before I was using "tabpanel.add()" and I assume this is why it added the item to my tabpanel menu.
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