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  1. The following causes an error to occur when filtering on a date field in a grid:

    1. Select either the Before, After, or On checkbox (without selecting a date or the Filters checkbox)
    2. Select...
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    I have done this with code similar to the following. Hope this helps

    myListView.setCell(new AbstractCell<String>("dblclick") {

    public void...
  3. You would want to set the default using setValue rather than select.

    And you could use either SelectionHandler or ValueChangeHandler, depending on whether you want the text field changed before or...
  4. One way to do this would be to add a before selection handler, and call cancel on the item you want disabled. This would not change the appearance though, so if you wanted it grayed out you would...
  5. I have something similar but instead of adding to the css on the appearance, I have it separately in an interface extending ClientBundle. I call panel.getHeader().addStyleName and pass in the...
  6. Your initial question was about the active row, but you're saying the cell it the row or the cell you need? From what you're describing, it sounds like you may want to use something like...
  7. I don't fully understand your question. When multiple rows are checked, don't they all show as "active"? To get the active row you could call getSelectedItems on the selection model, but this would...
  8. I think onHeaderMouseDown is the one you want. This calls completeEditing() in AbstractGridEditing, and it sounds like you don't want completeEditing to occur.
  9. The text on some tooltips is wrapping to the next line when it shouldn't. See example below of the Paging Grid Example. I have also witnessed this in other tooltips, such as in the DualListField...
  10. Your css might not be getting applied to the right part of the list may be better to customize the css through a new Appearance. See
  11. On the Last Updated column on the grid in, the following is the scenario:
    1) Set the After filter
    2) Set the Before filter
    3) Uncheck the...
  12. On the Last Updated column on the grid in, the following is the scenario:
    1) Set the After filter
    2) Set the Before filter
    3) Uncheck both...
  13. I have found that both ChangeHandler and ValueChangeHandler are called when tabbing/clicking out of a text field which has changes.
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    When a user selects a value in a ComboBox and then selects a different window (outside of the browser), the ComboBox doesn't lose focus unless the user selects the ComboBox again. This causes the...
  15. No problem, thanks for the update.
  16. I was able to reproduce in The only change needed, in addition to your previous snippet to force the scrollbar, was to set the ExpandMode on the AccordionLayoutContainer...
  17. I tried your example and could not reproduce the issue - I think if HTML is added to the ContentPanel it is not a problem. In my code I have a Tree added to the ContentPanel, and that is where I see...
  18. Could you please provide an update on the status of this bug?
  19. Can you look at On any of the buttons that have icons, if you click on the icon itself the blue is cleared once the click is made. This is how...
  20. Yes, tabbing or clicking away clears the active state of the button. But what is the reason for retaining the active state? In my case I am using a TextButton to save information on a form. Once I...
  21. I see there was a fix to clear the active state of a TextButton when the button is detached from the DOM - EXTGWT-2722. But the active state remains if it is not detached, as seen in...
  22. Has this been fixed in 3.0.4, and if not can you tell me when a fix can be expected? Thanks
  23. Great, thank you for the quick update.
  24. I have some ContentPanels inside an AccordionLayoutContainer. When the text in one of the ContentPanels is long enough to need a horizontal scrollbar, if I move the mouse over the text it causes the...
  25. What is meant by a "support-only" release? How does it differ from a regular release which is available for non-support customers to download? Is 3.0.2b considered a production release?
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