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  1. Hi i'm figuring out if there is a way to clear all stores easily instead of doing below code in each store you have? Currently i have 25 Stores in my app.

    var Store1=...
  2. When i tried to first load my function. All data has been saved to the store. When i closed the app and re open and run the same function again then it not save the total records from the server.Let...
  3. Hi how can i update my store data Phantom=true and Dirty=true. This may help me to save large data to my store. Currently when i load my 3000+ data in my store it does not save all the data fetch...
  4. Any Answer on this? I also experience this strange problem. I am loading 2 stores. When i tried to load on of the store and do it simultaneously it does all records are not sync.
  5. Hi i have this 3000+ records that need to be save to Store for offline capability if my app. I created batch update function to get total records of the data and batch load the store 300 at a time...
  6. It is working on my web browser but not on my ipad package in phonegap build.
    It takes a minute to load but your correct it is consistent. what should i need to do?
    Thanks and Regards
  7. Hi why i am always receiving Communication Failure when loading my WCF Rest Data using Ext.Ajax.Request.

    My record is 3000 + .

    Below is my sample code

    var defectssurl =...
  8. Thanks a lot folks! XD It works. Is there any best practice on filtering multiple search in store?
  9. I haven't tried that Fmossely. I just use filter.
  10. Hi i'm currently having an issue when filtering records on my Local Store.

    I have 3000 records in my Local Store that i need to do a generic search but its too slow. What should i need to do to...
  11. Hi @manishroy , on the error it self you must need to install ruby , get it here
  12. Hi you can use Ripple Emulator on your Chrome.
  13. Alright ...There's no answer still. I just think of a work around. I just refrain using selectfield and i use list instead.
  14. Hi i'm having an issue on select field where its selected item remains based on last selected item. I've also seen same post about this issue but there still no answer.

    Below is my selectfield:
  15. Good Day fmoseley,What im trying to ovveride is numpadfield masked font color. Here is the link . You might try to create a native build using this UX....
  16. Hi just add infinite:true on your List Property.
  17. Hi i'm trying to override numpad field masked default color using css from Sencha Market.
    Below is the Link:

    It s working on Web Browser but...
  18. Just add Ext.device.Camera on your app.js something like below:

    requires: ['Ext.device.Camera',

    Best Regards
  19. Hi i am having a hard time on how to create dynamic fieldset on my formpanel based on my store Json data.

    Ex Data:

    ID | FieldSetName | ItemID | ItemName...
  20. Thanks I will try that! Regards
  21. Hi i have below code that filter my Local store with single parameter

    var notesLocal = Ext.getStore("NotesLocal");

    var NoteType = 'remarks';
  22. Currently i am using iOS 5 fmosely. I dont have any issue using sencha 2.2.1 and cmd 3. But i'm now digging on the latest version.

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    Great update! Thanks
  24. Hi i created native iOS app build in sencha CMD 4.0 and Touch 2.3 . The app was successfully installed but when i tried to click on my button with Ext.Device.Notification function it doesn't go to...
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    Got it working .... i have created store that i did not included on my app.js that's why build not working.

    Thanks. :D
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