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  1. Any solution for that?
  2. +1 :(

    It's a problem with webkit-mask-position.

    In my case, adding following code in my custom css helps:

    .x-button-forward:before, .x-button-forward:after, .x-toolbar...
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    The error is not during record removing (both methods works), but when I want to operate at record after removal.

    For example, I have list:

    -- Item 1
    -- Item 2
    -- Item 3

    I click Item 3 and...
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    I had problem with manipulation of data in store which is binded to my list. I'm loading items from store and I'm adding new items, deleting etc.

    When I add couple of items and deleting them from...
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    Ok, I understand that, but I gave xtype to gridpanel component. Load every js file during index load, and put xtype: 'gridpanel' to my panel component. Does it require any special removing or...
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    After re-adding. I got viewport with components (grid view and others), at first time everithing works great. I switch my active viewport and try to re-create the same viewport and got error then.
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    Great component!

    But i got a problem with applying features during re-open view with gridview component. The console throw me an error:

    Uncaught Error: [Ext.create] Invalid class name or...
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    Any further moves during development of those incredible functionality? In my opinion, this performance thing should be implemented in sencha itself..

    I'm waiting for any optimalization. I'm now...
  9. I have done everything like it is in phonegap specification, but it's still not working. I'm doing my best to find a MAC to build my app in SDK Tools, because for example - KitchenSink app build run...
  10. When I set readOnly property to true in my selectfields or datepickerfields, this settings seems to not working. Tested at Google Chrome. Only setting to 'disabled: true' makes the field not...
  11. I have the same problem ;/ and I'm running out of ideas to reduce that...

    Everythings works fine until I have updated my Android version at my tablet. It fails in loading first file by the...
  12. I have HTC Flyer, where I am testing my application written in Sencha Touch (actually PR2). After software update it seems to not recognize properly an MVC structure - in debug console I can see...
  13. After doing filtering at list with no records = with emptyText displayed, console return an error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined

    from 65166 line of debug...
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    I have couple of texfields inside my application, which I am dynamically filling when they are shown to user.

    When I change my library to PR3 this events (and rest of event for textfields) are not...
  15. Maybe You have IIS or another server running on default 80 port. You need to edit an apache configuration file and set for example default port to :88 (I have that configuration). Now You need to...
  16. What kind of problems You have? I'm running my apps at WAMP server, it is kindly similiar to Xampp and I have no trouble at all...
  17. I'm still having the same error (ST PR2) during calling a .load() method of my store after making into them some changes. Is bug fixed already or would be in ST2 release (not PR)?
  18. I'm using sencha-touch-all.js. I have never tried building app using SDK Tools, but I would try it after PR3 where I want to test my app. Now I get back to have all control code in one controller....
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    If You are deploying into Android, You need to add second activity in Your AndroidManifest.xml:

    <activity android:name="com.phonegap.DroidGap"
  20. Hi!

    I'm working on kind a big buisness project which i'm developing in Sencha Touch. Now I'm porting project from ST1.0.0. to ST PR2 and I have couple of thoughts..

    I want to have a more than...
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    Look at the code from an example folder on sencha PR2 (tabs2). It is working perfectly for me.

    You have a parameter: tabBarPosition: 'top'. I copied Your code and change that to bottom and It...
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    You need to specify a 'UI' property to Your tabbar. It depends on result You want to have.

    Sample code:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.TabPanel',...
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    Could You post some sample code? Couse I'm trying to make it work properly and have a strange result. I created a 1000 element store and binded it to my list (with working PullToRefresh plugin).
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    Have You guys thought about making the List component more powerfull?

    In ST1.0.0 someone have made a BufferedList component. Maybe it is in future plans to make list more optimized for large mount...
  25. I have done mistake in method names. It should be 'setItemTpl' instead of 'setTpl'. But the problem still exists.

    The template is changing only at the first view instance.. I rewrite change method...
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