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    I'd like an updated beta too. I'd also like a 5.3 final ;)

    But I kind of have to side with Sencha on this. It's a beta product and really nobody should be using it for production projects,...
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    So far I've had several issues with View Controllers, and I've mostly just gone back to doing it the ExtJS 4.2 MVC way for now.

    Some of my issues:
    - I like to pop open windows for adding/editing...
  3. I am trying to make a qtip appear on a grid column, depending on the value in the column. The following code works in Firefox, Opera and in Internet Explorer, but in Chrome no qtip appears when I...
  4. Thanks for the reply. I did try 2.0 but I had to make it from source. Perhaps I'll have better luck if try RVM.
  5. How do I define listeners in the view where the ViewController is being referenced? The examples I've seen show listeners defined on components contained in the view, but I haven't seen any examples...
  6. I have a few questions about using ViewControllers.

    With the old MVC model, I would use a controller's properties to reference all the models, stores and views I would be using in that...
  7. When I try a sencha app build, I get the following error:

    In the Introduction to Sencha Cmd section of the guide it says to install ruby on Ubuntu by using sudo apt-get install ruby2.0.0

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    It looks like destroy() has been replaced with erase() in but the intro documentation still refers to destroy():
  9. I am having the same issue. The issue occurs when I run sencha ant ass. As greatranil mentioned, deleting the AppName-all.css from build/production/AppName/resources/ corrects the issue.

  10. I love ExtJS MVC. I think it is awesome.

    Before MVC, we had to create a do-it-yourself system for structuring large applications, cobbled together from suggestions in various posts on blogs and...
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    Hey, any more news on this? Is there video of your presentation or demonstration code available somewhere?
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    Great! I'm not at SenchaCon, but I look forward to hearing about it.

    I hope you will address backwards compatibility with non HTML5 browsers and inconsistencies between the history implementations...
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    I came upon this adapter while looking for a way to manage my application's routing and history, and like abcoa I also could have used an MVC example. But I think I was able to work it out and...
  14. I haven't moved to 4.1.3 yet, but I'm glad to see that you are staying active on this. Thanks!
  15. Try a store.sort() instead of the store.load() and see if that does the trick. (though if it's a remotely sorted store I guess this really won't be an improvement)
  16. This sounds like an interesting challenge. What have you tried so far?

    I'm wondering that if in the long run it may be easier to accomplish this with an XTemplate or a Dataview rather than...
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    I personally prefer to generate downloadable files, whether they be text, XML, PDF or anything else, on the server side.

    But search on "Extjs export grid" and you will find several links to...
  18. You didn't post any code which makes it kind of difficult to guess at what the problem could be, but is it possible you just need to do a grid.getView().refresh(); ?
  19. No it doesn't. But there is an example in the 4.1 docs for Ext.form.field.ComboBox:

    tpl: Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate',
    '<tpl for=".">',
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    If it's not too late to reply to this, this is most likely a path/filename issue. It is looking for the file all-classes.js to compress it. It is not finding it so that is why you are being left...
  21. This is working great for me so far, but I did encounter one issue. When the controller class from my sub-application is loaded, it looks for the stores and models in my main application's app path...
  22. Although the original post is old, I came across this issue today. Try defining your listeners in the listeners config option of your viewport definition.

    like this:

  23. Somewhere between the script tag that includes the ext js library and your application definition. I like to put all my overrides in a overrides.js file and include it in script tag right after the...
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    Combining the PHP and JS would make your client application less flexible since you would be tying the client to the server code. When you keep them separate, your Ext JS client is not dependent on...
  25. The Live Preview from the API docs would be an awesome way to demo Sencha Touch Apps. Are there any instructions for implementing this outside of the API docs? Has anyone been able to use it to...
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