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  1. I'll give more details.
    Sencha Cmd already come integrated with Cordova, but it doesn't generate the distribution app to release in stores, only debug.
    I made an integration in build.xml file, on...
  2. Thank Israel.
    What is the best choice instead?
    Only can do this through ant call directly?
  3. Using the -after-build target, would like to capture a custom argument to perform tasks.
    Is it possible?!
    It would be something like
    sencha app build production --first
    Then I call custom target...
  4. I'm trying to show an error information in my app.
    I tried 3 different cases and in all is the same situation.
    404 error, JSON Reader error and nonexistent URL.
    In my Store added a load listener...
  5. Thank you mhmda
  6. Hello guys.
    I was thinking about ajax requests with json data.
    In an application with 5 different views.
    What would be better for the app, load everything in just one request or loads a json file...
  7. Some answer about this topic?
    I still can not get the data of the stores returned by the model through the load method.
    Maybe it's because I need to create the stores through the settings for each...
  8. Thank you Mitchel.

    I'm not using the sencha-touch-all.js version.
    And the data.proxy.LocalStorage and device.Connection cases?
    In development mode, I only can use if I add in the requires...
  9. Hello guys.
    I was facing a problem with my application whit the production version on browser. An error occurred because I was adding in my app.js file an '' in the requires...
  10. Ahhh true. Sorry for my lack of attention.
    I always thought that model should be used with Store.

    Very well. I do:

    var mainModel = Ext.create('MainModel');
    mainModel.list1(); //Woks nice....
  11. Store:

    Ext.define('MyStore', { extend: '',

    config: {
    model: 'MainModel',
    storeId: 'mystore'
  12. Thank Mitchell.
    One last question. How to pass data to each list in TabPanel?
    I was using a new Ext.Store for each list. This case will be a single store, but lists do not have a setModel() method....
  13. Hello Mitchell. Thanks for the reply.
    So I'll have 3 models. One primary model that will have 2 hasMany relationships (list1 and list2). And in the other models I will add one belongsTo relationship...
  14. Hello guys.
    I have a TabPanel with 3 items loaded on initialize.

    Ext.define('Main', {
    extend: '',
    xtype: 'main',
    requires: [
  15. Is this a good practice?
    Work's fine!

  16. Exactly this:

    "success": false,
    "status": -20 (int), //0 mean success
    "errorMsg": "" (string)
  17. Sorry, it was my fault.
    I define listener both in father and child.
  18. Hi guys.
    Well, I have some stores in my application.
    These stores have a jsonp proxy and the backend is configured to return error codes.
    In the load event, if something goes wrong I return...
  19. Hi guys.
    I have a Container (navigation.View) and some lists.
    One list extends another.
    In the container, I have push and pop listeners.

    My problem is that when I make a push for the child...
  20. Replies
    Bluehipy, the firstFunction is called through an event listener in the control option in the config (I remove it when paste code here).

    Thank's! The Ext.bind() solution works for me! :D
  21. Replies
    Thank's bluehipp.

    Here is my code in controller (see the comments):

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.Login', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
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    This return window to var. I try this too.
  23. Replies
    Hi guys.

    In my controller, I have 3 functions connected by a custom proxy.
    In the first function I call the proxy and pass the second function as callback,
    then in the second function I call...
  24. Exactly, it's a string, not an array neither a json
  25. Hello guys.
    I defined a view that extends from Ext.List. I created a store and a Model for this.

    My Store:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
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