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    I agree with yeghikyan why load so much data into the store?
    Is there not anyway you could use a buffered store which dynamically load as the user scrolls?

    Sounds like your trawling for data...
  2. ok great, could you mark the thread as answered please.
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    I wonder why someone who was with Angular and is now not, but has created a competing product would say Angular 2.0 will fail??
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    The siesta app is great for UI, UX testing.
    For unit testing we use;
    - Mocha and chai
    -Karma as the test runner

    We use Webstorm as an IDE so integrates nicely and we use team city for automated...
  5. Hi,

    Your HttpApiClient what is it meant to be extending?
    an existing ExtJS class?
    If it is a custom class it should at least extend Ext.Base to get the config...
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    Lets bring it into perspective. Sencha are facing numerous challenges (lets ignore licencing).
    Script 6 is the least of their concerns as they have an existing class abstraction...
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    Hi, the poll question isn't worded particularly well neither are your posts.

    Every JavaScript framework faces some form of refactor to cater for, or take advantage of, the new script 6 features....
  8. What version of ExtJS are you using?
    Big changes to the buffered store over versions - given you posted in the ExtJS 5 forum Ill assumes its that.

    First thing is your store is wrong, buffered...
  9. What ExtJS version are you using? makes a big difference to the solution
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    ? Reduce inflation?
  11. Sure use Ext.ComponentQuery.query or down on the viewport.
    Use the most appropriate selector e.g. xtype or itemId
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    CMD is not well documented but it uses ANT anyone who wants to delve into that can learn about ANT and the XML files.

    CMD is needed if you want a performant app on tablet.
    Otherwise its like...
  13. Without your code and stepping through debugger its a little difficult.
    Post your actual code - are you finding the icon in an actioncolumn handler? or is it a button click?

    Why are you using...
  14. Have a look at - Ext.view.Table!/api/Ext.view.Table-method-getRow

  15. No problem at least you got an answer.

    Id only use a panel if it was appropriate as a panel is a heavy dom component to provide a simple scrolling textarea
  16. Hi you answered your own question.
    Dont use Ext.WindowManager.hideAll(); it effectively hides everything thats managed by its zIndexManager - this includes the mask and messagebox.

  17. Or use the text area.

    Use this in your fiddle:

    Ext.define('logAreaController', {
    extend: '',
    alias: 'controller.log',
  18. +10 For a good quality San Fran Pinot
  19. And the trending threads table?
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    Some would consider the support of legacy IE a ball and chain.
    Particularly when you are after performance and the framework you are using is using Javascript layouts instead of using CSS3 flexbox...
  21. Where has the forum search gone?

    It seems to have disappeared - anyone else found it missing?
  22. Ok so mark this thread as answered.

    Hard to know your issue of you dont post code - good luck
  23. ok you'll have to override the first buttons CSS styling.

    The methodology depends on if you're using Sencha theming or not - i.e. SASS and COMPASS using sccss files - hence my question.

    So are...
  24. scroll bars belong to the browser and are difficult to customise.
  25. Bit confusing.

    Your fiddle has 3 button - 2 filefield loading buttons and 1 standard toolbar button.

    Do you want the last button (third) to look like the first 2 filefield button?

    Either way...
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