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    Dual binding is way overblown at least according to the Ember team.

    "After a few years of having written Ember applications, we have observed that most of the data bindings in the templating...
  2. I attached an image of a chart generated using Ext Charts.

    The first circled bar has a 0 value and the second is undefined.

    I'd like the renderer to be invoked when the value is 0 or undefined....
  3. Sure, here's a fiddle.

    How can I adjust vertical position of the label? never mind the callout lines. Let's say I'd like to display all these labels 10px above the 0-line... how would I do this?
  4. See the fiddle... Sencha Charts will not render the series label when value is 0.

    We want the label rendered even if value is zero.

    Ext.define('Ext.chart.series.sprite.Bar', {
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    See this answer
  6. I need to adjust vertical position of a bar series label... how can I do this?

    I know that the return value of the label renderer can be an object (where the label is the text property), but no...
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    Tree stores can't be reused on multiple trees.. A tree store can be assigned to a single tree. If you have another tree, then another tree store must be created.

    This is unique within...
  8. I'd recommend using the Mashup mixin for this task.
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    It's not possible, but why would you like to do this?
  10. Remove "/" before "<em>" to avoid this error message.
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    Can you explain why you are trying to use these two together?
  12. This is where I'd expect to find series, but it's not there, not in the Bar series renderer.

    I see only store in renderData, and according to the doc only store is guaranteed to be there.

  13. Ho do I access the series from within the series' renderer or the label's renderer?

    I don't see an easy way to do this unless I set these configs in the series' constructor.

    Scope in both...
  14. Do you think the 'redraw' event should also fire on the series?

    There's now the new store config on the series and it'd be helpful to know when a particular series is redrawn.
  15. Here's a fiddle that demonstrates that the AbstractChart.onDataChanged method is called when the chart is destroyed and the chart is not checking if it's being destroyed, but instead it updates...
  16. See how I solved this problem by overriding the AbstractChart.onDataChanged method.

    I reload my chart and each time I need to reset configuration of an axis before the chart is rendered.

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    Kendo UI is a toy software when compared to Ext JS.
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    What other software do you use?
  19. See this Series code fragment. It adds the ItemHighlight interaction when a tooltip is specified on the series.

    I'd like to display a tooltip w/o the chart bar being highlighted. I just don't...
  20. This chart fiddle contains a single series. Why is the renderer run two times?

    I'd think this is a defect.
  21. I think the chart beforerender event fires just once, but I reload the chart multiple times, so I need to know each time the series is rendered.

    ... but, series has the render method which passes...
  22. The series beforerender and render event don't work, see the example.

    I'd like to run some code before a series is rendered or after it's rendered.

    How do I do this since these events don't...
  23. See the fiddle the linkedTo config works in 5.0.1, but not in the latest nightly.

  24. I'm using the linkedTo feature. See the fiddle. This feature works fine if a string ID is used, but not when 0-index is used.

    I think the following code is faulty:
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    I smell a troll comment.
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